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Your Affirmations Aren’t Working: 3 Reasons Why

Discover why your affirmations aren’t working, and how to remedy the ritual of your affirmations practice.

Building a daily routine that includes positive affirmations is a wonderful beginning for creating the life you want.  Taking the time to center and ground yourself during the day is an important way to set yourself up for success and to give yourself a positive life experience.

Self Care – It’s starts with YOU

But how do you ensure that this time spent on yourself is productive?  How do you make sure that it’s actually helpful?  Time is precious, and it can be difficult to set any aside for ourselves.  When we do, it’s important that we capitalize on the opportunity and make the most of it. 

Here, we’re going to discuss how to make your “you time” maximally effective with these 3 tips on making affirmations work for you.

Let’s take a look and diagnose some key oversights people often make when engaging in an affirmations practice. 

1. Your Affirmations Are Just Words

So you’ve developed a list of affirmations that suits you.  What’s next? Beyond repeating the affirmations you’ve chosen is another very important action step: living them.  

Affirmations are a powerful foundation for your mindset action plan.  Go deeper by attaching a concrete example of a way to live out those affirmations today. 

For example, if your affirmation is “I am happy,” make it your goal to smile at at least three strangers today.  Note that it’s important that your living example be specific and measurable.  

Every time you act on your affirmations, you create a new stepping stone on the path toward achieving your major goals.

At the end of the day, review your success with living up to your affirmation goals, and celebrate every victory, big or small!

Victory is already yours.

2. Perhaps your Affirmations Aren’t Working Because You’re rushing them.

To be as effective as possible, I encourage you to say your affirmations out loud, slowly and confidently. Include emotion in your delivery and use a mirror to look yourself in the eye while you say them. After all, if you don’t believe your positive statements, who will?

It’s worth making your affirmation time a special ritual. If it lapses into something automatic like brushing your teeth, your attention will wander, and you’ll no longer be focused on the words you’re trying to manifest.  Take the time to light a candle or take a few deep centering breaths before you begin.   

Affirmations bring peace and joy.

Your subconscious has to hear that you mean every word so that the significance sinks in. Show your subconscious that you’re serious about your affirmations but stating them emphatically and pausing in between statements to allow the words to penetrate deeply.  

3. Be Consistent

Honestly, do you stick to a regular pattern of saying your affirmations? Or maybe your affirmations aren’t working because you remember to say them some days and not others? Or do you remember at the last minute and then rush through them in your head (see above)?

You can’t expect your subconscious to take you seriously if you don’t take the time to do your affirmations properly. 

Treat your affirmations as an earnest commitment. Set aside time for them every day at a regular time. Consistency in how and when you say your affirmations will build confidence, and before you know it, you will be living your dream.  

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