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Why Does Life Suck So Much?

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Do you ever ask yourself, “why does life suck so much?”

Well, haven’t we all?

Life can be very heavy. Sometimes, it really knocks us down. There are so many common problems out there, it’s a wonder that we all feel so alone.

Financial struggles, health struggles, relationship struggles.. The list goes on.

The thing is, if we focus too much on these struggles, wondering why does life suck, they seem to get even worse. Constantly worrying about how you’re going to pay a bill, or ruminating on your poor health, only makes these problems grow.

“What am I going to do?”

Not only are you in the midst of that financial or health struggle, but your mindset also sucks!

This is understandable. Things are crappy. But a poor mindset doesn’t make enduring these problems, and especially solving them, any easier.

The good news is that when the chips are down, and everything’s at its worst, the best comeback stories are born.

That’s right! Your story doesn’t have to end based on how you feel about it right now.

You have the power to change the game and get things going in a much better direction.

A winning mindset will let you win at life.

All you have to do is make a decision. And then continue choosing the option you decided on repeatedly until you start to feel better.

Why Does Life Suck So Much?

For example, let’s say that you are in extreme financial turmoil. You can’t afford to pay next month’s bills, and you have no idea how you’re going to come up with the money.

Now, it makes sense to be concerned. This issue obviously needs to be addressed. But let’s pause for a minute to examine your mindset in this situation.

Notice the thoughts that run through your mind as you imagine this scenario. What words do you use? Which feelings come up? Take a second to jot these down.

Now, I want to try something with you.

Again, visualize this circumstance where you lack the money to pay your bills. But this time, imagine receiving a large check in the mail from a class action lawsuit that you didn’t even know about.


How do you feel now? Fantastic I bet! You can pay your bills now, and have some money left over to enjoy however you please.

Ok, take a second to write down what you’re thinking and feeling now. Excited? Relieved? What else? Include everything, and be as specific as you can.

Great. Now here’s the twist: you had no idea that there was a solution for you just around the corner. It came to you as a total surprise, right?

This happens in life from time to time. It really does. So the question I have for you is this, did worrying and ruminating help at all now that you know the check was already in the mail?

That’s how life works sometimes. You had no idea what was going to happen in the future. And if you spend your life in a state of fear and panic, it will be very difficult for you to enjoy it.

“Everything works out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out yet, then it’s not the end.” -Tracy McMillan

So decide to stop waiting around for the other shoe to drop. Or wasting your life with worrying. No one knows what’s coming down the line. So in the meantime, why not seek joy and love? Focus on whatever is actually happening in the moment you are living, instead of what might happen in the future.

The future happens now.

Because the future is not set in stone, and we live in the present. Improving your present moment is the surest way to guaranteeing a better future.

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