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Why Do Bad Things Happen To Me?

Have you ever wondered, “Why do bad things happen to me?” Me too. And so have most of us. The fact is, bad things happen to everyone. And the reason is that bad things are a fact of life. They are simply part of the process of living. But there is a simple trick to…

Have you ever wondered, “Why do bad things happen to me?”

Me too. And so have most of us. The fact is, bad things happen to everyone. And the reason is that bad things are a fact of life. They are simply part of the process of living. But there is a simple trick to becoming invulnerable to them.

athlete standing before climbing wall evaluating her task
With the right mindset, it’s never as bad as it looks.

It’s all about how you look at them.

Overcoming When Bad Things Happen To Me

Bad things come and bad things go. But you have the power to choose how you are going to experience these events. And you have that power every single time. Realizing this will allow you to change the way you feel when “bad things” happen.

The first question that you must ask yourself is, “Is this really a bad thing?” Try to set aside your emotions and feelings about the situation and look at it neutrally. Is there any benefit to be gained from this circumstance? Any benefit at all? Can you at least see that it might not be quite as bad as it feels?

dreamy woman with magnifier and multicolored stripes on face focusing on why bad things happen to me
Watch where you put your magnifying glass.

That’s the thing about feelings. They tend to magnify the bad and minimize the good. This is because we are hard wired to fear anything that could possibly be a threat. This is due to our instinctual drive to survive and protect ourselves and our loved ones.

The thing is, original humans were not all that emotionally mature. They were good at using fear and adrenaline to avoid or combat threats. But, their thought lives were not particularly advanced. And this where we have the opportunity to make a change.

Is It Truly All Bad?

Developing a neutral or objective mindset is the first step to putting seemingly negative situations into a perspective that you can work with. If we allow our imaginations to run away with whatever is happening, we end up in catastrophe land rather quickly. So the key is to pause. Take a moment to inhale deeply, exhale slowly, and shut down that fear response. Once you’ve cleared your mind of this reflexive tendency to panic, you will have a chance to see whatever is happening more clearly. The fear only clouds your ability to reason.

brown eyes of scared young person
Fear makes it harder to see things clearly.

Once you’re calm, look for the silver lining. And do not give up until you find one. Is there any little thing that you can be grateful for about this? What lesson is there to learn? Is there any hope for a better future because this happened? Keep looking until you come up with something positive to hold on to.

By the time you’ve done this, you will have created enough space for the fear to pass. You will be better equipped to deal with whatever is actually happening, because you will be thinking clearly. But most importantly, you will have removed the biggest problem. The one that results from fear and panic. It clouds your judgement and makes problems seem bigger than they are and more difficult to solve.

No Doubt.

And the wonderful thing is that you have the power to do away with that problem simply by changing your mindset. This may take some practice at first, but I assure you, you are capable of doing this.

The Antidote To All Bad Things

Once you master this skill, you will be well on your way to solving all kinds of issues without spending the immense amount of time and energy this used to take you. You will be so much freer to enjoy life because you’ve cracked the code on the misery that our brains produce when we leave them set on autopilot.

=>>I found this quick video to be very helpful. It reveals a simple & effective trick that makes this work easy.

So take control, and stop letting your brain turn problems into insurmountable disasters. When you change your thinking, you will discover that you are capable of managing whatever life throws at you. How’s that for a confidence boost? Once you get this process going, it builds on itself, and you will no longer fear bad things happening to you because you know you can handle anything.

excited person showing yes gesture knows why bad things happen to you
You can do it!

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