This is Robert Leavitt

Who is Robert Leavitt, Really?

Greetings and salutations!

My name is Robert Leavitt, and I have something important to tell you. Several years ago, I had a very strong spiritual experience. It was so powerful and overwhelming that I am compelled to share that experience with others. 

Before this experience, I had so much pain and misery in my life that things felt completely hopeless.

Robert Leavitt was dealt a difficult hand early in life.
The pain was unbearable.

There was:

Childhood trauma.
Multiple Suicide Attempts.
Chemical Dependency Issues.
Mental Health Issues.

But, that has all changed dramatically.

I had that “burning bush” experience that caused a radical shift in my perspective, and I suddenly understood in my core what it really meant to be “born again.”

The answer to "Who is Robert Leavitt?" changed drastically after his burning bush experience.
Everyone deserves a fresh chance at life.

I was given a fresh chance at life. And now I help others to achieve their goals.

So, who is Robert Leavitt? I am a simple man who had a very powerful experience. I was able to break the bonds of my own mind and open myself up to the world of limitless opportunity. 

I invite you to journey with me and explore this amazing world we live in.

In researching “spiritual awakening” and “enlightenment,” I have come to believe that this kind of change is possible for anyone. 

The shift in perspective that I experienced was so significant that there was no doubt in my mind that I had achieved a higher level of consciousness. 

The change was so profound and apparent that individuals who knew me prior to this shift would often comment within a few minutes of conversation with me that something amazing must have happened to me. Because of this miracle, the answer to the question, “Who is Robert Leavitt?” had changed forever.

The New Answer to “Who is Robert Leavitt?”

Today, I am an entrepreneur, an author, and a spiritual advisor.

I understand secrets to unlocking your maximum potential in whatever area of life you want to improve.

I help people understand themselves so that they can accomplish amazing things.

“I’m looking for people who don’t know what can’t be done.”

Henry Ford

If you are interested in booking a private, one-on-one session with me during which we can get you started on a life worth living, please contact me at:

Here is a list of things that I have accomplished in under 3 years since I had my awakening:

Went from a laborer with no experience to the foreman of a small construction company that builds million dollar custom homes in the the Northern Sacramento Valley.

Started a small plant nursery that does mail order shipping (seasonally) in California.

Started an online business that does personal development and direct marketing work that went from 0 to 12,000 subscribers in less than 6 months.

Created a Blog on personal development & spirituality (which you are now reading) with the help of my fiancé, Catherine Beagle.

Went from broke and homeless to living the dream life with amazing relationships and abundant success.

Developed international business relationships with people all over the world (starting with my friends in Singapore).

Developed (and continue to develop) outstanding joint venture partnerships with some of the largest names in the personal development field globally.

Basically…everything I touch turns to gold today. I have the Midas touch, and I can teach you, too.

Learn to turn everything you touch into gold.
The choice is in your hands.

So, if you are serious about doing something amazing in your life, and you are tired of settling for “mediocrity,” then do yourself this favor and send me an email at

Or do nothing.

And continue to get the same results you have always gotten.

The road to freedom starts with a single choice.

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