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What’s Another Word for Inner Peace?

Are you looking for another word for inner peace?

Person sitting in lotus pose, enjoying serenity (another word for inner peace).
Inner peace can be found wherever you are.

Inner peace is a simple concept, yet it can be a difficult idea to explain.

What does inner peace feel like, exactly? How do you know when you have it? Is it even something that you’d actually want once you got it?

Some people describe inner peace as freedom for the soul. There are no worries in this space, and everything is exactly as it should be. All is right with the world, and you become unwaveringly calm.

I call this state, serenity.

woman in black overall lying down on wooden dock
Peace, freedom, serenity.

Awh, sweet serenity.

Living in a state of serenity frees up your energy to pursue more of the good things in life. You have so much more bandwidth to enable creativity and love.

Achieving this level of stillness makes room for the good things that the universe has for you to flow in.

When your mind is full of chaos and pain and stress, the more desirable feelings get drowned out. If you have spent a long time feeling down, depressed, angry, or any other combination of negative emotions, then this effect is that much stronger.

You must completely reverse the nature of your inner life in order to attain this other word for inner peace (Serenity).

Serenity is Another Word for Inner Peace

Whatever you decide to call it, strive for more of what makes you feel good inside. Pay attention to your experience of life, and look out for negative emotions.

When you begin to feel something uncomfortable brewing, use it as a cue to look at your thoughts at that moment. If they are negative and harmful (which they probably are), do your best to amend them to something only slightly better feeling.

With time and practice, you will be able to switch your negative thoughts to something positive, and even stop thinking entirely, whenever you want to.

Lone tree framed by still, calm waters.
Your inner life will feel smooth as glass.

This may seem anticlimactic, but trust me. When you are able to do this, you will have achieved true serenity.

Inner peace will become your modus operandi, and your life will improve exponentially.

Let us know how this process goes for you! Please comment with your experiences below and we’ll start a discussion about the beautiful and valuable aspect of living a good life that is serenity.

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Wishing you much love & light always.

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