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What Materials Do You Need for a Vision Board?

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Do you want to make a vision board, but are asking yourself, “What materials do I need for a vision board?”

Then this article is for you!

Since Covid hit, Robert and I have written 3 books. And the amazing thing is, that one of them is all about how to create a vision board.

We realized that some people weren’t sure how to make & utilize this powerful tool, so we designed some instructions for them.

And now, I’m going to share with you the highlights of those instructions right here. We’ll make it super easy, ok?

What’s a Vision Board, and How Do They Work?

The purpose of creating a vision board is to set out clear intentions and goals for yourself. This will allow you to focus your manifestation power in an organized way on the things that you truly want most.

Digital or physical, a dream board is a powerful tool.

There are many, many ways to create a vision board. Some people make them digitally, but I prefer the magazine collage method. I enjoy the process of perusing outdated magazines, and giving them new life.

The creative process of cutting out images and phrases that interest me and then glueing them on a board feels more real. When I make something with my own hands, I feel more connected to it, which makes me more likely to use it.

So, you may choose either the computer or magazine method, but either way, plan on putting them somewhere you will see and contemplate them regularly.

You see, the magic of the vision board is not only in making it. It is an ongoing pathway to manifestation.

Create And Then Contemplate

Once you’re done creating your vision board, take the time each day to study it and visualize whatever you’ve included as a part of your life.

The more clearly and often you visualize what you want, the faster and more likely you are to get it.

Imagine what your life would be like with that new car, big house, or perfect partner. Really feel the energy behind these desires.

Don’t be afraid to dream big!

You want to emit the powerful frequencies that will attract these things to you like a magnet. The universe cannot deny you anything that you want badly enough.

This touches on the law of attraction. Which is, as the name suggests, a law. Like gravity, it cannot be broken or ignored. It’s just a part of how reality works, and knowing what materials you need to make a vision board is the first step towards using it effectively.

Let’s Discuss What Materials are Needed to Make a Vision Board

It doesn’t take much to create a vision board. Most of the things you’ll need are basic items that can probably already be found around your home.

The images and phrases are the most complex part of the materials that you need to make a vision board.

Check your garage, attic, or storage unit for a stash of old magazines or catalogues.

If you can’t find any, check out the waiting rooms of dentists and doctors. Sometimes they have a surplus and would be happy to unload some.

Libraries also have extras occasionally. And garage sales might have some too.

Once you’ve found some, gather up a pair of scissors, some glue (I prefer glue sticks), and a poster board and get working.

Start by cutting out anything that catches your eye. When you have nice pile built up, begin laying out your clippings. Just remember, they don’t have to fit together perfectly.

Once your board is full, you’re done! Simple as that.

This is what my vision board looks like.

If You Want to Go Deeper..

To take things a step further, sometimes people make vision boards with specific themes. Such as one for money, one for relationships, one for health, etc.

But first, focus on one. Remember to use it to visualize your future daily, and you are well on your way to manifesting whatever you want most in life.

Please tell us about your results in the comments section below. If you like how your board turned out, feel free to post a picture of it. We’d love to see them!

Also, don’t forget to like & share this article. The more people that know how to make a vision board, the better everyone’s life will be.

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