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What Is My Angel Number? (Video)

Video Transcription: What Is My Angel Number?

Have you ever wondered what your angel number is? Or, what an angel number is, and if you even have one? It’s something that many of us would like to know. But how do we figure out what it is? This video will teach you how to do just that, plus give you HUGE insight into how you can use your angel number to see the signs the universe has been sending you all along.

But, before we get too deep into angel numbers, let’s first talk about some basic principles of numerology. This background will be tremendously helpful for understanding more about your own personal angel number.

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Numerology Basics

What is numerology, anyway?

In numerology, every number represents a unique message from the universe. They each have their own unique essence, and I will go into those in a moment.

But first, let’s look at some numerology basics so that when we get to decoding your angel number, it will be effortless.

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When a number repeats itself in a series, rather than as a single digit, the meaning of the message changes a little bit. A repeating pattern of numbers not only indicates a message for you (depending on which number it is) from the universe, but it also tells you that your guardian angel is with you. That’s right! Your guardian angel has been with you all along, trying to communicate with you. Desperately wanting to reassure you of their presence. But numerology isn’t taught in school. So how were you supposed to know that all of those repeating sequences of numbers actually meant something? Well, maybe your guardian angel had a hand in guiding you to this video so that you can finally begin to feel their presence.

Your guardian angel is always here for you.

As you become more sensitive to these numerical patterns, you will begin to see them all around you. It’s as if they are everywhere you go. Just like your guardian angel.

Now, let’s dive in to the meaning of each number, so that you can decipher the symbolic significance of each and every sign you receive.

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Angel Numbers Reveal Your Truth

1 The number 1 is where it all begins. Before 1, there is zero, which is nothing, just an empty placeholder. It’s 1 that heralds the dawning of it all. The number 1 is all about creation & beginnings. If you are seeing the number 1 a lot, you are in a highly creative state. Don’t be afraid to set your imagination free! The possibilities are truly endless.

2 The number 2 indicates togetherness. Be it a connection with your twin flame, a parent or child, or a friend, seeing the number 2 is a signal to double down on these precious bonds. We all know that relationships require maintenance. Focus some energy on strengthening yours right now. The love you get back will be so worth it.

Love is free.

3 The number 3 represents spirituality. Like the holy trifecta, it is even said that many things come in 3s. When you see a lot of 3s popping up in your life, it might be time to shift your attention to the universal source of your choosing. Communing with this entity will supercharge your other efforts and maximize your efficiency in life.

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4 4 is the number for stability. There is a reason that most furniture has 4 legs. Physics and gravity require it! When 4 shows up around you, it may be because you are feeling a bit unstable. You can take this number sign as a reminder that you are not alone. The universe is always there to love you and hold you up.

Learning About Angel Numbers Helps You Understand Your Past And Your Future

5 The number 5 has often been associated with the physicality of humanity. Just like having 5 fingers on each hand, or 5 toes for that matter, 5 represents a complete set. If you are seeing the number 5 a lot, it may be because something is missing in your life. But don’t worry, seeing 5 means that the universe is busily working to complete you.

When the universe is working, things just fit.

6 Although 6 gets a bad rap from the bible, its true meaning has more to do with simplicity than Satan. When the number 6 shows up frequently in your life, the universe may be telling you to slow down and enjoy the moment. Use this gentle hint to remember that life is precious, and you don’t want to miss it!

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7 Lucky number 7! 7 is a great number to come across often, because it’s a reminder that you can have anything you want. You are a blessed soul, and you are capable of manifesting every good thing that you desire. Let the number 7 remind you of how lucky you are, so you can attract whatever you want in life from a place of gratitude.

8 It’s not a coincidence that when you turn an 8 on its side, it becomes the infinity symbol. The number 8 represents the infinite love that the universe has for you. This love is yours at all times, no matter what. Look for an 8 the next time you get stuck in a scarcity mindset, and remember that the world is infinitely abundant, and there is more than enough to go around.

Angel Numbers Remind You To Live In An Abundance Mindset

The Universe is endless.

9 The number 9 is all about completion. Whether it’s the end of a chapter in your life, or the finalization of a big project, 9 indicates a milestone. The fun thing about seeing 9 a lot is that it means new adventures are on the way. Endings are also beginnings, so let 9 remind you to take it easy and go with the flow.

Now that we know all about the numerological meaning of numbers, we must answer the Big Question: Which angel number is mine??

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Thankfully, the process for revealing your own personal angel number is not difficult or complex. It simply requires some mindful observation and thoughtful reflection.

Your angel will tell you everything you need to know.

As you go about your day, take note of any repeating patterns of numbers you come across. Just notice which sequences come up. And then notice which ones you are really noticing.

You will naturally gravitate towards the number sequence that your guardian angel uses to communicate with you, and the rest will fall away.

Once you know what your angel number is, you will become aware of just how supported and guided you really are. The signs for you are everywhere.

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