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What Frequency Does Money Vibrate At?

You might be wondering what frequency does money vibrate at?

But, have you considered what frequency you are vibrating at?
Perhaps this is the better question.

Wavelengths of the visible spectrum of light.  But which frequency does money vibrate at?

Understanding how the law of vibration works, and how to use it beneficially, is fundamental for using the law of attraction effectively. If you want to use the law of vibration to attract money, you’ve got to be vibrating at frequencies similar not to money, but to wealthy people.

There is a concept in chemistry that states: “Like dissolves like.”

The same goes for manifestation: “Like attracts like.”

To put it simply, whatever frequency you are vibrating at emotionally puts energy out into the universe, and that energy will attract back to you things that are vibrating at the same level.

Take a look at this chart:

Chart with a cone-shaped & color-coded scale of  emotions with their corresponding vibrational frequencies.
Boosting your emotions to a higher vibrational state is the best way to attract money & wealth.

This graphic shows a full range of emotions, and the vibrational frequencies that are associated with each one.

The lower energy states at the bottom correspond to more negative/undesirable emotional frequencies.

The higher you raise your emotional vibration, the closer you are to feeling love, joy, peace, and ultimately, enlightenment. So it’s pretty clear that we want to be as high on this list as possible, right?

But what does this have to do with the question of “what frequency does money vibrate at?”

Stacks of 100 dollar bills.  Someone figured out at what frequency does money vibrate at.
Money! And how do we get more of it?

Remember earlier when we discussed the scientific fact that “like attracts like”? And also the importance of vibrating at a frequency similar to a wealthy person’s?

The Answer to “What Frequency Does Money Vibrate At?”

It’s a given that money is a good thing to have. It has the power to bring much freedom and peace into our lives. Most people would like to have more of it. A lot more.

However, “what frequency does money vibrate at?” is not the question.

What you need to know is: “what frequency do wealthy people vibrate at?”

Because what ever they are doing is attracting them money, which is the goal here.

So act like a wealthy person. Learn to think like a wealthy person.

Two fabulous books that immediately come to mind that can help you with this are “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill, and “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” by Robert Kiyosaki.

These books have been really helpful in my own journey towards wealth.

To sum it up, learning to be like rich people will attract money into your life due to the law of vibration and the fact that like energy attracts like energy.

Believing that you can be rich and that being rich is a very good thing are the first steps.

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Let us know how it goes from there! We love to hear from you in the comments, and are here for you anytime.

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