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What Does Manifestation Mean Spiritually?

Looking at what manifestation means spiritually is really powerful. Seeing manifestation from a spiritual angle will supercharge your effectiveness at making your dream life your reality.

Many have heard of the Law of Attraction. Perhaps you’ve even seen or read “The Secret.” There is a lot of useful information in there, but not a ton of discussion about spirituality.

Spirituality enters into the process of manifestation when we consider the flow of the universe.

What manifestation means spiritually can be found along the cosmic river we ride through life.
Learning to utilize the flow of life to your advantage will improve your results tremendously.

Our lives progress on a cosmic river, riding the current from one situation to the next.

However, we do have some power to shape our experience by attracting the things we want to us from the busy waters we journey through.

Manifestation works just like a magnet. Holding the image of what you want in your mind creates a pull for the object of your focus, and whatever it is will begin making its way towards you.

All you have to do is focus on it long enough, and it will appear for you. It’s really that simple.

Simple, but not easy.

White curving staircase disappears behind a bend. Climbing the stairway of life can be simple, but is seldom easy.
We don’t always know where the journey will take us, but we can influence the path we take through spiritual manifestation.

This explanation of manifestation and the Law of Attraction is pretty dry & scientific. It seems to completely leave spirituality out of the equation.

Which it does.

So here is the really important piece that so often gets missed.

What Manifestation Means Spiritually

You have to ask the universe to bring what you seek to you.

Relying on something greater than yourself for the power to make it so will supercharge your results.

Place your order with the universe, believe that it will be fulfilled according to your highest good, and let go of the outcome. You will get what you asked for, or something even better.

What matters most is the way you look at it.

Car interior. Woman sitting on front seat passenger side.
Sometimes, you get exactly what you asked for.

Sometimes manifestation is very straightforward. You want a new car, so you being researching the car you’d like to own. You even imagine yourself driving it. And then circumstances transpire and suddenly, there you are, breathing in that new car smell, sitting in your dream vehicle.

But other times, life is more complicated than that, and we don’t get exactly what we want exactly how we wanted it. And this is where we have to look for the silver lining.

Let me tell you, there is magic in the silver lining.

If you can find one thing that’s good about whatever you got out of your manifestation, you are embodying what manifestation means spiritually.

This is how we get truly wealthy.

Because the car will only get you so far.

But, asking for what you want, and then believing that the universe will give it to you, (or will give you something better, which is where the silver lining bit comes in), and then being grateful for it all, you have won the game.

So keep on visualizing your dreams. And always remember to believe that you will receive the best possible outcome, when all things are considered. That is the essence of spiritual manifestation, and once you’ve mastered that, you will be unstoppable.

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