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How to use a Vision Board and the Law of Attraction to Visualize and Manifest a Better Life

A vision board can help you manifest a better life through visualization.

Visualization is the process of forming a mental image of something your mind that you would like to have or achieve.

It can be anything at all. It could be a person, place, thing or even a situation.

There are no rules at all to what you want to visualize, the choice is completely yours, and is only limited by your own imagination.

Do you want more wealth in your life? Better relationships with other people? Maybe you want to find your soul mate or the love of your life…

Do you imagine yourself traveling and seeing new places?

All of these things are examples of things that you can use the Law of Attraction and Visualization to manifest into your life.

Having an actual picture to look at helps, and that’s where the power of vision boards comes into play.

You can create vision boards around any topic in your life that you want to manifest in.

Maybe you are already manifesting in some areas of your life and you want to create a specific vision board for an area that you want to change. All of these things are totally possible and you can do anything you can dream of with this.

Here are some common questions that we receive:

When Using the Law of Attraction, How long do I have to visualize for each day, week, month or year?

There is no hard fast answer to this question. I personally only visualize for a few minutes a day (I will have some more details on that in a future email/blog post).

How do I know if my visualizations are working?

You’ll know. There will be no doubt in your mind.

I’ve purchased a lot of products in the past and none of them have worked, what am I doing wrong?

You’re in the wrong frequency. You are manifesting from a low frequency and focusing on lack of things in your life. You are focusing on worry and the things that are wrong in your life. You are focusing on the things that are wrong with other people, or the things that are wrong with yourself.

You are manifesting that, instead of what you actually want.

In order to manifest successfully you have to be in the right frequency. It’s just that simple. When we give all our power to negative emotions, we will stay stuck in that place. We must experience some form of spiritual awakening, and a committed practice to self-awareness in order for these techniques to work.

Don’t despair, I have more help coming soon…

These are the most common questions, but I encourage you to reply to this email (or comment on this blog post) and ask me more questions. I am here to help you.

Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow, I will go deeper into question #2.

Peace and Love

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