Throat Chakra Affirmations

Did you know that throat chakra affirmations can help you if you ever have a hard time voicing your opinion or expressing yourself?

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Clear your throat chakra and start speaking up!

We all struggle with this from time to time, but if difficulty speaking up is a fact of your life, your throat chakra might be restricted, or even entirely blocked!

The throat chakra, or vishuddha chakra in Sanskrit, allows you to communicate effectively and speak your truth.

Have you ever wanted to express your thoughts, but couldn’t find the right words? Or, have you ever held back from speaking your mind when you really wanted to? It’s ok! These are merely symptoms of a blocked throat chakra.

The good news is that throat chakra affirmations can work wonders at restoring the free flow of energy in this area!

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Restoring energy flow will release your self-expression like never before.

In our last article, which discussed the heart chakra specifically, there was a fabulous, step by step, process for creating an effective affirmation practice. Below you will find an excerpt containing that easy rundown.

After all, affirmations are great to read about, but are much more effective when practiced properly!

So, here is that 4 step process for designing and implementing your dream affirmation practice. If you’re already familiar with this how-to, skip to the next section which contains your throat chakra affirmations.

EXCERPT: Your 4 Step Process for Designing and Implementing Your Dream Affirmation Practice

This excerpt comes from our previous article titled Heart Chakra Affirmations for harmony and love.

  1. 1. Repeat them daily.
    Dedicate a time and place to your affirmation practice. Although affirmations can be repeated anytime, anywhere (which is one reason they’re so great), you will get the best results if you maintain a solid routine for repeating your affirmations.

2. Create the proper environment for your practice.
To do this, try to design a specific setting where you can comfortably say your affirmations out loud. The more inviting your affirmations space is, the more likely you are to go there and spend some time in it. Candles and cushions are nice additions. For advanced practitioners, consider adding some higher level elements such as mood lighting or a mirror. The more inviting your affirmations space is, the more likely you are to go there and spend some time in it.

Candle lit space for practicing heart chakra affirmations.
This is something your affirmation space may look like.

A comfy and private affirmation space is a key ingredient in any healthy affirmation practice.

3. Make them your own.
Feel free to customize the affirmations provided below. The more strongly you relate to them, the better your outcomes will be. Don’t be afraid to really go for it and write some of your own as well. You know yourself best, and creativity creates resonance.

4. Mean it when you say them.
Saying your affirmations monotonously in your head will not get you nearly as far as if you repeat them aloud and with feeling! It can seem weird at first, but that’s part of the beauty of having a private affirmation space. When you’re in there, you do not have to be afraid of what anyone else will say or think. Just gather your courage and go for it! You will thank yourself later.

Clear your throat chakra with these affirmations and your words will flow freely out into the world
Your Words Here

Throat Chakra Affirmations for Clear Expression

Honesty in all situations frees my spirit.
Self-expression flows freely from me.
Speaking my mind is easy.
Gossip and criticism cannot penetrate my mind.
Messages come from my angels every day.
Creative ideas come quickly to me.
Expressing myself is easy for me.
Unlimited confidence and self-esteem are accessible to me.
Authenticity permeates my thoughts and speech.
My voices matters.

Begin practicing these throat chakra affirmations as soon as you can. You will begin expressing yourself with ease & grace, and you will feel so light and free knowing that you no longer have to clam up anytime communication becomes difficult.

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