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Ajna Chakra Affirmations (Third Eye)

Have you ever tried third eye ajna chakra affirmations to open the third eye and strengthen your connection between your internal and external worlds?

young girl meditating with eyes closed, practicing third eye ajna chakra affirmations
Improve your connection between the inner & outer worlds so that you never feel lost again.

Well, it is possible to do this. And third eye ajna chakra affirmations are a simple and efficient way to do just that. As the third eye is so closely associated with the pineal gland in your brain, strengthening the connection between the two have

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Benefits of a Positive Affirmations Practice:

  • Increase your access to intuitive wisdom so that you will know how to handle any situation for the highest good.
  • Improve your sense of insight so that you make all of the right decisions.
  • Attract a free flow of creativity into your life so that you can finally create the art you’ve always imagined.
  • Outside negativity will be less polluting to your inner utopia and energy centers.
  • Improve your ability to discern the motives of others and never get fooled again.
elegant woman walking on sandy beach near sea considers her ajna chakra affirmations practice
Your utopia exists within you

The third eye chakra, or ajna chakra in Sanskrit, connects your mind to the outer world. Knowledge, reflection and intuition are at the core of this energetic center. Focusing more on these things will improve your day to day life experience tremendously.

Practicing these special positive ajna chakra affirmations to enhance the free flow of energy through your sixth chakra (the third eye) is a great way to do this!

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The affirmations are coming up next, but before you start to heal your third eye and begin practicing them, be sure to read the earlier article in this series which covers the heart chakra.

There are some great affirmations in that article also that will help you attract more harmony and love into your life. But be sure not to miss the section entitled, ” Building an Effective Affirmations Practice.” There you will find some of the important elements for creating an effective affirmation practice. Making sure that these things are ready to go will set you up for success and help you achieve the best results possible.

If you have already read that article, you can scroll straight to the section titled, “Building an Effective Affirmation Practice.”

Now you are really ready to begin your ajna chakra affirmations practice.

Effective Third Eye Chakra Affirmations:

person showing left eye while clearing her third eye with ajna chakra affirmations
Open your eyes to intuition and peace

Divine intuition guides my life.
Wisdom shows me the way.
I nurture my spirit.
The past is forgiven, and I have learned the lessons it had to offer me.
All is well in my world.
Inspiration and bliss visit me often.
Life flows effortlessly through me.
Peace permeates my being.
The source of all truth loves me.
I can trust my intuition.
The wisdom of the universe guides me.
I can heal and balance my third eye chakra.
Chakras are energy, and mine are open and balanced.
I thank my higher power for being my guidance system.

At first, these examples are a strong enough starting point. But don’t let them be the beginning and the end of your ajna chakra affirmations practice. You can try modifying them to better resonate with your own unique being, or even write some of your own! Using your personal creativity into this process will help you get even better results.

Give them a try, and then tell us about your experience with this is the comment section down below.
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