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What’s the Secret to a Life of Happiness?

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “When is it my turn to be happy?” while also telling yourself, “I just need to get through this week,” then you need to know the secret to happiness just as badly as anyone. We all do. Because there are billions of us on this planet, and we all have…

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “When is it my turn to be happy?” while also telling yourself, “I just need to get through this week,” then you need to know the secret to happiness just as badly as anyone.

We all do. Because there are billions of us on this planet, and we all have struggled to live happily and find contentment to some extent.

man in white shirt using macbook pro doesn't know the secret to happiness
Struggling is part of life.

Oftentimes we focus on relationships, health, or wealth… But at the root of most of our desires is happiness. We want that perfect relationship, pristine health, or luxurious lifestyle because we believe that these things will bring us ultimate happiness.

We’ve all heard the logic on this regarding disadvantaged people in developing nations. How can those with so little (by U.S. standards) be so content with life? Is it that they don’t know what they’re missing? Or that they live a simple life, so their minds must but too simple to comprehend what real, complicated problems (like ours) are?

Close up face of beautiful smiling woman with wrinkles. Elderly senior who knows the secret to happiness.
What does she know that we don’t?

The Secret to Happiness is Not About Money

No, it’s not either of those things.

If we look closely, it’s clear that many of these people have problems. Major problems. Like hunger, and fear of rampant/systemic violence. Not to mention extreme weather conditions.

If we’re honest, our problems really pale in comparison. So what is it that allows them to have what we so desperately want? How are they able to find the joy and love that we so fiercely seek in the midst of all of these major obstacles?

The answer is simple to understand, but can be a challenge for us to implement due to our values and beliefs.

But I’ll tell you now. The secret to happiness is: gratitude.

The Secret to Happiness is Practicing Gratitude

Yes, gratitude. We’ve all heard it before. We know that we feel better when we are experiencing gratitude. So why aren’t we all happy?

What is the missing piece that allows some of us to feel wonderful all the times because of what we do have, while others of us are miserable in spite of having those same things?

Gratitude quote is the secret to happiness
This is the key to happiness.

Sometimes we are able to generate feelings of gratitude when we get something that we really wanted. When a dream comes true, or something that we feared doesn’t happen. This experience is wonderful, but it is so fleeting. Very quickly, within minutes or days, we go back to our standard mode of living, which tends to be rather discontented.

We think back on the times when we got our desired outcomes, and those memories feel good to revisit, but they do not bring lasting happiness into our daily life.

And that is so frustrating! We know it’s possible, because it’s happened to us, but for the life of us, we don’t know how to make it last.

Living a Grateful Life Takes Practice

Like most things valuable, discovering that gratitude feels good, and then mastering it so that you can live a truly fulfilled and happy life, do not automatically follow one after the other.

Gratitude takes practice.

And there are many ways to develop a method for conjuring up grateful feelings on a daily basis until finally, gratitude becomes an automatic part of your daily experience.

Writing a gratitude list is a great way to practice gratitude and feel more content
Gratitude lists are a powerful tool.

I did it the hard way.

I must have written about a million gratitude lists (with no repeats!). I forced my mind to switch to grateful thoughts whenever I noticed that I was in a negative headspace. I practiced saying thank you whenever anyone helped me in even the smallest way. And I recited everything I could think about to be grateful for every night to my higher power until I fell asleep.

It took years, but finally I did have that (lasting) Aha! moment. I broke through the layers upon layers of negativity that held me back from feeling good. I let go and forgave, and I was truly thankful. And it was so worth it.

My life is amazing today. Not much changed in my external circumstances, but I feel more content now, and I consider myself so lucky to have the external circumstances that I do. Now I can actually enjoy them.

But the best news is, you don’t have to do it the hard way. Since this massive shift took place in my life, I’ve found so many tools and systems that would have shaved years off of my journey, if only I had known about them sooner.

My favorite shortcut for unlocking the secret to happiness is…

I’m about to share with you my favorite tool for developing a steady stream of gratitude in your daily life. Something that I would have given my left hand for years ago. You can see results within days, if not hours.

It’s called The New Happiness Code, and it guarantees that you will achieve lasting happiness with a simple and scientifically proven system of audio tracks.

Check out this video for more info on how and why this system works so well. It helped me increase my levels of happiness from great to amazing, and it can help you too!

=>>Click here for a shortcut to happiness you’ve been searching for.

You will find that you no longer worry about money. You will stop comparing yourself to your friends, and spend more time feeling grateful for what you have and happy for them that they also have nice things and circumstances.

Please keep us updated on your progress with happiness and gratitude in the comments section below. We’d love to hear what worked for you, whatever it may be.

Also, please like and share this article, so that we can get the secret of happiness out to as many people as possible.

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