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The Power of I Am Affirmations

Do you know where the true power of I am affirmations lies?

Many of us have tried them, with varying results. But why are they so widely recommended? Why do they work so well for some, but seem to have little effect in the lives of others?

What is it about I am affirmations that gives them such power to produce change?

The answer lies in our beliefs about who we are, how we differentiate ourselves as individuals, and what defines our identity.

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Who do you think you are?

So think about it for a moment. What do you think makes you, you? Is it your job, your familial relationships, or your social life? Maybe it’s your education, past accomplishments or achievements? Perhaps it’s the level of personal development that you’ve reached, your past memories, or your helpful spirit.

Do any of these define who you really are? It’s hard to say.

These things are certainly all a part of who you are. They are indeed external aspects of your existence that encapsulate your life experience.

But we are spiritual beings having a human experience, right?

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Let your spirit shine through.

So, these things absolutely pertain to and describe our human experience. But they do not touch the true meaning or value of our souls.

What we believe about who we are is critical to our enjoyment of this life, and our ability to attain presence of mind in the moment.

And this is where the power of I am affirmations comes in.

I am affirmations are a way of delving into our ideas about who we are, and editing those that no longer serve us, so that we can enjoy the ultimate life experience that’s available to us.

Harnessing The Power of I Am Affirmations

With I am affirmations, we can reprogram our minds to create and manifest the life that we truly desire.

So use this opportunity right now to fix some new beliefs in place that will bring you closer to living the life of your dreams.

I’ll provide some samples below to get you started, but this really works best when you develop your own.

Consider what matters to you. What feeds your soul? What do you want your soul to experience in this lifetime? How do you want to think, behave an feel?

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For best results: be true to yourself.

Once you’ve answered these questions, just fill in the blank: “I am ______________________.”

I Am Affirmation Examples

I am a protector of all life.
I am capable of manifesting all that is good and worthy in this existence.
I am powerful and good beyond all measure.
I am enjoying each and every moment that I get to experience on Earth.
I am inhabiting a healthy body.
I am at peace with myself.

Keep going with your list until you feel that you’ve written down an encompassing list of who you are, and who you want to be.

Then read them aloud, say them in your mind, feel the emotion that’s behind them, and believe.

Soon, the power of I am affirmations will begin working for you too.

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