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Using The Power of Choice

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Do you underestimate the power of choice?

But, they’re both cute!

Well if you do, you are not alone.  Many of us do.  And today is the day to quit it.

Learning to use the power of choice is what separates the strong people from the weak.

If you tend to go silent when decision making time comes, you may be squandering your chances of getting what you want.

How can others possibly factor you in if you don’t speak up and share your opinions and desires?

But before we get too far into discussing the power of expressing your choice, let’s talk about decision making in general.

Many people find making decisions difficult. It is not unusual for someone to have no idea what they want or what to think about a situation.

It’s important to realize, however, that the power of choice and your ability to advocate for yourself, is the key to being an empowered person.

Need to grow a backbone? Tired of being a doormat? It’s time to learn how to use the power of choice effectively.

Decisions, Decisions

Learning The Power of Choice

Speaking up for yourself is a very important skill to learn. Without it, you will find yourself in situations you did not want and with outcomes that are unfavorable to you.

To avoid this, you must learn how to make decisions.

First, get in touch with what you really want, need, and would like to change in your life. Once you know these things, you can begin to make changes for the better.

Knowing what you want makes choosing much easier.

Do you want a different career? A healthier relationship? To develop personally and grow?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can begin taking action to fulfill them.

Keep practicing decision making by asking yourself deep questions such as these. Write down your answers, and then stick with them. Once you’ve made a choice, choose to believe that it was the best choice you could have possibly made.

Believing that your choices are good will reinforce your faith in yourself that you can make good decisions. This turns into a positive feedback loop that will cause you to continue exercising your power of choice.

Once you get good at this, you will find that you have molded your life into a better version of what it was. Things are much more comfortable when they are created according to your specifications and preferences.

The key is, to first know what these criteria are.

So, take the time to define what you truly want, and then decide to go out and get it!

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