Positive Self Talk: Forget That Noise

In the year 1937, Napoleon Hill wrote an important book that discussed the impact of positive self talk & mindset on financial success.

In his book, Think and Grow Rich, he asserted that success truly starts internally. The book lays out a step by step process for creating a mentality that  will attract success into your life beyond what you had ever imagined.

The fact that attitude is vital to creating prosperity in your life is nothing new. 

However, Hill’s book (which many of the richest people in the world will cite as essential to their triumph) stands as evidence that the right mindset & a winning attitude can get you farther than a negative mind could ever dream.  

Positive self talk will make you a winner.
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This fact goes far beyond simply enabling you to amass great wealth.

Your thoughts also effect your physical health, too.

In an article published by the Harvard Medical School called “How your attitudes affect your health,” multiple studies are mentioned that prove how important “emotional vitality” truly is to your physical well being. 

Positive self talk is key to physical health.
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Your chances of having a heart attack or stroke vary significantly depending on the level positivity or negativity in your life.

Furthermore, it’s been shown that individuals who have a positive experience and are then asked to complete a task had a much stronger ability to see possibilities in a way that those who experienced a negative or even neutral situation could not. 

Positive influence was seen to lead to increased problem-solving and a greater ability to broadly see the multiple possibilities available to them.

Now think what happens when you apply these principles to positive self-talk. 

 You quickly discover that those with the most upbeat inner dialogue will not only see possibilities but are more likely to engage in positive action.

Here’s where you begin to see the long-lasting effects that positive self talk has on people.  They start building new skill sets and compiling resources for future activity. 

These kinds of actions increase their chances of getting to wherever they ultimately want to go in life.   

Positive self talk also drastically impacts state of mind.

The long-lasting impact of being able to see the big picture, and then to develop the resources to make dreams a reality, leads to even more important mental growth.

Joy & contentment are the result of a positive self talk.
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A positive person is more likely to experience joy and contentment in their lives as a result of their outlook and efforts to stay positive.  

Now that you can see how our self-talk impacts every aspect of our lives, keep this in mind the next time you catch yourself thinking you’re not able to accomplish something, or you start berating yourself for some mistake.

Here’s where you need to stop that kind of thinking and reword criticism into something constructive.

Your future success depends on it.

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