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State of Flow – Attachment

Attachment is one item on a long list of character traits that can rob us of our state of flow.

The state of flow is akin to being “in the zone,” or being fully immersed in an activity.

The State of “Flow”

Here, we are not referring to attachment theory in terms of modern psychology. Rather, what we’re discussing is more along the lines of Buddhist philosophy:

According to Buddhist religious texts, attachment is the inability to practice or embrace detachment, and is viewed as the main obstacle towards a serene and fulfilled life.


We often get overly attached to the thoughts in our minds.

We use them to tell ourselves a story as we experience life events.

Sometimes our thoughts are about ourselves.

Sometimes they are about other people.

Sometimes they are about situations that have happened in the past.

Sometimes they are about situations that may happen in the future.

Sometimes they are goal oriented.

Sometimes they are hyper critical.

Sometimes they are highly opinionated and very speculative.

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Sometimes they are actually facts, though that is rare, as there is very little empirical evidence to prove much of anything with complete certainty in our world.

Our thoughts can define our experience of life, but they are NOT who we are.

That’s a paradox, (one of many in this world).

Our thoughts create the rest of our lives.

Attachment is the way that we connect with these thoughts (and patterns of thoughts) in our minds.

Attachment causes us to grab a hold of a thought too tightly, and really run with it.

This can be either good or bad, depending on the emotional state that these thoughts produce for you.

If it’s a thought, or a pattern of thoughts, that produces negative energy in your body, you must learn to give less power to these thoughts as they arise.

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It’s not bad that you have a thought that doesn’t necessarily line up with who you are trying to be.

The problem lies in grabbing ahold of that thought and taking full possession of it.

You don’t have to do that. You can choose to let problematic thoughts go.

You can learn to take your thinking far less seriously. To “loosen” the death grip we hold so tightly on every thought our brain produces.

The truth is, thoughts are just thoughts. You can let them pass by just as easily as you can grab them onto them.

With enough practice, you can stay emotionally balanced and remain in the state of flow.

Will it ever be perfect?

No, of course not. But with enough mental discipline and practice you can learn to live comfortably and to stop taking your thoughts so seriously.

But why? Why would I want to do this?

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Because you will be happier, more peaceful, and so much more confident than you had ever imagined you could be.

Your goals will be achieved easily and effortlessly.

You will be able to get out of the way enough to create the life that you have always dreamed of.

You will no longer hold yourself back from success.

Begin by paying attention to your body & your emotional state.

Notice the moment you feel that anger, frustration, pain or suffering rise up inside you.

That’s your cue to turn your attention inward towards the mind.

Do it immediately… Do NOT, and I repeat, do NOT allow yourself that 5 minutes, or 15 minutes, or an entire lifetime of marinating in the discomfort and not making the powerful decision to let your current thought go.

Once you’ve become identified with a thought, it’s much harder to get rid of it.

Such thoughts can become sticky and intrusive.

You will experience much greater results if you insist on letting unwanted thoughts pass you by the instant they come up.

I became obssesed with this process, and it changed my life forever.

Make it your business to let unwanted thoughts go, and watch your life change. (I promise it will be for the better).

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