Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

Have you heard about the benefits of solar plexus chakra affirmations? Well, I’m here to tell you all about them.

The solar plexus chakra, or manipura chakra in Sanskrit, serves as the seat of your personal power.

It is located near your diaphragm, and governs things like identity and personality, as well as levels of personal empowerment and authenticity.

Have you ever found it difficult to express yourself in a meaningful way? Maybe you struggle to know who you are at a basic level. Or, to speak your truth for fear of what others might think about you if you do.

Solar Plexus Affirmations make it easier to look at yourself in the mirror
It doesn’t have to be this way.

I’ve been there too. It’s so easy to fall into a false version of ourselves that goes along with what other stronger personalities want, rather than risk making waves or upsetting them. We pretend to go with the flow, when really we want to speak up for ourselves, but don’t know how.

Thankfully, strengthening these aspects of our being is not as hard as it seems. Especially when the approach comes at the problem from the side.

Oftentimes, we know that we aren’t getting what we want, but just asking for it is too scary. Many people suggest this tactic when we mention that we aren’t feeling heard.

Well, guess what? If we could do that, we would have by now!

So let’s attack this problem through the side door. And the answer to these troubles lies in the health of our solar plexus chakra.

The Power Behind Affirmations

Reciting the following solar plexus chakra affirmations will help you strengthen your ability to stand up for yourself and get what you want. You can do it! And these affirmations will help give you the power boost you need to find your voice.

Affirmations work well when they are said aloud, and this may be great practice for you as you learn to speak up! Practice them daily or more, and use them as inspiration for strong visualizations. Imagine yourself being the strong and empowered person you are deep inside. It’s time to let that part of you rise to the surface.

white and red flower on green and white textile
You have everything you need inside you already.

What would it feel like to be that person all of the time? What would s/he do or say in a difficult situation? Take the time to really imagine the scenario the whole way through. How does it feel to come out as the victor in your story? Knowing what that feels like is strong motivation for you to dig deep and find the courage you need the next time something like this happens in your life.

So, without further ado, here are some solar plexus chakra affirmations to begin implementing right away:

Affirmations for Solar Plexus Chakra Health

cheerful woman with freckles looking at camera
Be who you are.

Courage and strength come naturally to me.
The power of the universe propels me forward.
Navigating relationships is easy for me.
Difficult situations no longer perplex me.
All of the knowledge that I need already exists within me.
Inner peace & confidence thrive in my being.
Ambition and capability pulse through me.
Fear is no match for me.
High self esteem defines my worth.
I have many gifts to offer the world.
Other people are attracted to my magnetic energy.
The past does not dictate my actions today.
I am worthy of the life I want to live.

So there you have it. Remember to practice these solar plexus chakra affirmations as often as you can, and at least once a day. They have to the power to help you make a huge shift in your life. Start acting out your true power today!

Please drop us a comment below about your success with these solar plexus chakra affirmations. Also, feel free to share with us any customizations you may have made. We love hearing from you!

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