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Signs Your Soulmate is Thinking About You

We have all looked for the signs your soulmate is thinking about you. How good does it feel when we are caught off guard by a smile on our face that seemingly came from nowhere? Or when we have a juicy dream involving a mysterious stranger?

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Dreams like these are signs your soulmate is thinking about you.
Enjoy the signs leading you to your twin flame.

There are signs all around us at all times. So how do we sort through them to find the meaningful ones? Especially the ones that indicate that your soulmate is thinking about you.

Let’s organize our signs identification game so that we can begin to identify the ones that are actually coming from our soulmates.

Types of Signs

"Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous." -Albert Einstein
The signs your soulmate is thinking about you are far more than coincidences.
Call it God, or call it Universe… Either way, something big is going on.

Do you believe in coincidences? When something happens that is so uncanny that it is hard to chalk up to coincidence, I see a sign. When something strikes me just right, and goosebumps begin to rise, I know that something metaphysical is happening. And I relish these events. It’s so nice to know that the universe is out there, busily attuning itself for my highest good.

So, when I get certain kinds of feelings, I know that something special is going on. It’s something special because it involves someone special.

Before Robert and I began seeing each other, I mistook many happenings for signs that I was with the right person. But boy, did I ever have some wires crossed. I missed the signs pointing me towards him, and I saw signs where there were none that indicated to me I should stay with whoever I was with at the time.

So how do we avoid this happening to you? Well, intuition plays a major role in discerning meaningful signs from irrelevant occurrences. Always trust your gut and be honest with yourself. If something feels wrong over a period of time, it probably is. Do not get locked into a relationship unless you truly believe you are with the one.

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Look for the signs to know if it’s right.

Thankfully, there are signs that transpire specifically when your soulmate is thinking about you. These can be very helpful in determining the best move to take in your love life. Especially when a string of them crop up within a short timeframe.

Specific Signs That Reveal Your Soulmate is Thinking About You

When it comes to signs that your soulmate is thinking about you, it is important to be precise about them. What are the signs that uniquely indicate that your twin flame is contemplating of you?

There are several symptoms of this phenomenon that I will list now. Keep in mind that that you must consider the quality of the energy you receive when experiencing these signs if you are to correctly identify them as resulting from your soulmate’s considerations of you.

1. Impromptu Smiling

When a smile comes to your face that seems incongruent with your current thoughts, take note. What came into your mind immediately after the smile lit your face? Did you feel a sense of love or affection for the world that was not there before? What physical sensations did you experience in your body? We’re looking for tingles in all the right places here, people. So don’t hesitate to check in with all of your corporeal systems.

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Smiling always feels good.

2. Juicy Dreams Show That Your Soulmate is Thinking About You

Some of us can control our dreaming experiences. But, if you’re anything like me, dreams seem to happen more to you than because of you. If you experience your dreams like a movie where you play the starring role, then signs your soulmate is thinking of you can be delivered via this avenue.

When you dream about your ideal mate sweeping you off of your feet, there’s a good chance that they are lying awake, musing about you. Or, they may also be having the same dream that you are having at the exact same time. Dreams such as these are usually prompted by something outside of ourselves. Because, if it were up to us or our doing, we’d have them every night!

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Dream until it becomes real.

So, enjoy these dreams for what they are when they come. They are heralds of what is to be for you.

3. Goosebumps

Do you ever feel a wave of goosebumps wash over you when you don’t feel the least bit cold? Some say that this happens when a ghost crosses your path. But, if they are more like the warm and fuzzy type than the ice cold fear type, you can be pretty certain that they indicate that your soulmate is thinking about you at that moment. This acts like a two-way communication system between you and your twin flame. When they think of you, you experience warm and fuzzy goosebumps. When you think of them, they get to feel the goosebumps.

Don’t hesitate to send lots of goosebumps their way, either. This is a titillating tool for building intimacy and excitement when you are not together.

brown wooden hanging signage
It’s coming.

These are but a few of the indicators that you are on someone special’s mind. Bear in mind that there are countless ways to know that you are loved and craved. Always trust your intuition and enjoy the process. You will soon be together with that significant someone. Knowing the signs will allow you to enjoy the journey towards being together.

Let us know how your journey towards your soulmate is going in the comment section below. We love hearing from you!

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