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Connecting Sex and Spirituality

Have you ever noticed the connection between sex and spirituality? For some, there is a strong and obvious link. For others, the association is less clear.

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You must only know what to reach for.

Whatever your experience with sex and spirituality has been up until now, I guarantee there is more available to you. This is a deep topic, with many dimensions. In this article, I will cover a few of them. We’ll begin with the more superficial layers, and we will finish with some aspects many have not yet encountered.

Introduction to Sex and Spirituality

Sex and nature go hand in hand. So do spirituality and nature. This cannot be a coincidence. Sex has always been a required component for the natural progression of living things. Plants use it. Animals use it. Even bacteria use conjugation to swap DNA. This mixing of the gene pool, this coming together for completion, is an inherent part of our very existence. The whole system would disappear without it.

baby turtle crawling on stony coast
Sex and spirituality are inseparable with nature.

There is also a strong link between spirituality and nature. Many people find closeness with their higher power through communion with nature. The vastness of all existence becomes clear when we take into account the limitless possibilities of nature. Everything is always changing. You can count on this. One cannot step into the same river twice. Or weather the same storm. The circle of life goes on constantly all around us.

So where is the intersection between sex and spirituality, you might ask.

The two meet on the same plane when we realize that we cannot have one without the other. Sex and spirituality combine to give our lives meaning and substance. It is thanks to this union that we have evolution and sustained existence. When sex and spirituality unite, infinite possibility comes into being. The greatest works of art generate here.

great art, like the aurora borealis, become vibrantly alive when sex and spirituality meet
It’s kind of like this.

Going Deeper

When people engage in sexual activity, a third entity is formed. This being is often referred to as simply, “The Third.” The Third is a divine expression of the spiritual life force that emerges when beings engage in sexual acts. The Third is made up of ultimate possibility and creativity. It is responsible for the birth and sustaining of all reality. When The Third is generated through sexuality, limitless spirituality becomes possible.

Of course, sex is not the only way to tap into this spiritual life force. As was previously mentioned, communion with nature is another of many modalities available for providing access to the third.

loving couple at seaside at sunset who understand the connection between sex and spirituality
Here, two is better than one.

The thing that makes sexuality special, is that it is most effectively not practiced alone. The deep knowing of another that is brought into being by the act creates a unique manifestation opportunity. It is here that many of the greatest works of existence find their power.

At your next opportunity, open yourself to the awareness of the third. It is not hard to find when you know what you’re looking for. Channel it, and watch the creative miracles in your life begin to freely flow.

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