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How To: Self Love Meditation

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Have you ever tried a self love meditation?

We’ve all heard about the importance of self love. But there’s a difference between understanding that something can help you, and actually implementing it into your daily life.

If you struggle with low self esteem and/or low self worth, then this tool is for you. Engaging in self love mediations will not only raise your levels of these character aspects, it will boost your confidence to the extreme.

You can have the confidence to step out and express yourself fully.

No more being taken advantage of. You’ll lose your fear of speaking up. And, getting rid of these nagging (or worse) problems will give you the freedom to enjoy life.

Once you clear away these hindering habits, your life will open up in ways you never even imagined.

So here’s how to do this especially effective method for practicing some self-love, and begin building your relationship with and your opinion of yourself.

It’s called “self love meditation,” and it has the power to give you a new view of your place in the world so that you never have to feel second best again.

You are already a winner. Just start believing it!

Begin by finding a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.

I’ve found that setting an intention to meditate for an extended period of time can be overwhelming, and will distract me from being able to clear my mind. So give yourself permission to start with a short session. Maybe it’s just a minute or two. That’s ok. Just set a timer for whatever length of time feels manageable to you.

Peace be with you.

Once you’ve got your timer going (remember to make the alert something relatively soft and subtle. There’s nothing worse than ending a period of peace and tranquility with a jarring or loud alert tone), close your eyes.

Take several deep breaths, holding before you exhale.

Now here’s where this meditation departs from your usual sitting meditation.

What I want you to do it wrap your arms around your body and embrace yourself in a warm hug.

Give yourself that hug that you’ve been wanting subconsciously for a long time. Realize that you don’t need someone else to supply you with the love you crave. Everything you need to nourish yourself and thrive is already inside of you.

Once you feel satisfactorily hugged, begin to think about the things that you like about yourself. Nothing may come to mind at first, and that’s ok. Just keep an open mind and let anything positive that comes up flow right through.

You don’t need to judge or analyze this list. If it’s something positive about you, let it be and accept it. Eentually you will be able to integrate these traits into your own self image, and you will begin to see yourself as a wonderful and valuable being.

You can love yourself better than anyone else can.

This simple method for self love meditation can be extremely healing. Give it a try and let us know how you do in the comments section below. We love hearing from you!

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