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Positive Affirmations for Healing

“How do I make positive affirmations for healing work for me?”

This common question reveals that so many people are struggling to make their affirmation practices work.

Frustrated woman in front of laptop not yet practicing her positive affirmations for healing
What gives?

We know that affirmations can be life changing. Perhaps we’ve watched friends, or loved ones, or other members of our community turn their lives around and find success through the the use of affirmations.

So what do they know that we don’t?

Well, it all starts with a foundational understanding of how and why affirmations help us reach our goals.

What Is A Positive Affirmation For Healing, Anyway?

According to Psychology Today, an affirmation is “a statement said with confidence about a perceived truth” that we would like to believe.

If you’re unsure about the importance and power of your beliefs, please read our previous article. It explains how your beliefs are the key to manifesting your dreams. And I mean all of your dreams.

Woman dreaming of what her life could be if she could use positive affirmations for healing correctly
If you believe that the contents of your dreams are yours, they are.

So, an affirmation is simply a belief that you would like to have. It’s a phrase that is more meaningful and helpful to you than your current programming, whatever that may be. Repeating affirmations is the best way to download new beliefs into your mind that will crowd out the old, harmful ones.

Cleaning up your beliefs is a surefire way to up your game and forever change your life.

In another past article of ours, we explained the power of I am affirmations. I’ve linked it here for your convenience. Check it out if you need any clarification about the interplay between beliefs & affirmations. It also includes easy top follow instructions for maximizing the benefits you will receive from using positive affirmations for healing.

An affirmation practice is a fantastic way to heal yourself. Much of the pain and fear that we experience stems from faulty beliefs that are untrue and that do not serve us. Old patterns of belief are like deeply rutted trails in our minds. The best way to quit trudging these old paths that go nowhere good, is by using affirmations to forge new ones.

Science Proves the Importance of Thought Pathways

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Your thoughts travel along the path that you set them on.

Human neurobiology perfectly mirrors this analogy. Networks of connected nerve cells are called pathways. And the more they are used, the stronger and bigger they become. If we we want to break down old pathways of belief and rewire our brains for health, wealth, and total abundance, then we need to supply our brains with better pathways to travel along.

And affirmations are an extremely powerful tool for achieving this. Simply repeat the statements below on a regular basis, and the process of rewiring your neuronal pathways will begin automatically. All you have to do is tell your brain what to think, and it will do the rest.

Examples of Positive Affirmations for Healing

The permission to heal that I am seeking already exists within me.
All beliefs that have kept me stuck are forgotten.
Accepting the lessons that suffering has taught me makes me strong.
Releasing past hurts will set me free.
I allow myself to move on.
The tendency to focus on the negative has left me.
Changing my beliefs is my responsibility.
Treating myself and others with compassion improves life for all.
Setting myself up for health and happiness comes easily to me.
Everything that has, is, and will happen is for my highest good.
Blessing the lives of others creates harmony in my life.

smiling crop woman with crossed hands
Feel the healing taking place in your heart as you recite your affirmations.

Repeat these affirmations consistently, and remember to feel the emotions that they bring up in you.

This list will get you off to a good start with positive affirmations for healing. All you need to do to take this to the next level is begin writing your own! Affirmations are not one size fits all, so feel free to modify the ones above to fit you better. But do not underestimate the power of creating your own. We all like our own ideas best. Use this to your advantage by carefully selecting the ideas that you want to focus on. And with that, you are well on your way.

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Also, remember to update us with your progress in the comments section below. We love hearing about your successes, as well as troubleshooting when you get stuck. Reach out anytime!

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