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Persuade Anyone of Anything With These 4 Hacks

Trying to persuade anyone of anything can be a challenging task.  However, persuasion is a skill, and just like all skills, it can be honed, practiced, and improved upon.

Start with these four conversation hacks that will help you master the ability to persuade anyone of anything.

1. Becoming Good With Names Helps You Persuade Anyone of Anything

Have you ever immediately forgotten someone’s name as they were being introduced to you? 

Knowing the name of the person you are convincing will help you persuade anyone of anything.

As awkward as asking for a reminder might feel, continuing to use filler words and pronouns in place of proper names sets you up for an uncomfortable beginning of your relationship. 

Asking them to jog your memory will show them that you are confident and secure enough to admit you didn’t do something perfectly.

This shows integrity, and begins building trust with your new acquaintance immediately.

So, learn the names of those around you, the people that are important to them, and places they like to go.

For example, Susan is your coworker, and she is married to Kacey. Susan and Kacey like to go to Rachel’s Café for dinner.

These details may seem trivial, but remembering names, businesses (especially if someone owns it or works there), and other proper names you hear regularly, can help endear you to other people and make them feel important and like you are listening to them.

2. Doing Some Research Will Help You Persuade Anyone of Anything

Understanding the person you are trying to convince, and knowing their priorities, allows you to tailor your persuasion strategy to be maximally effective. 

Use examples that are relatable to your audience and choose words that are appropriate to their vocabulary. 

A little bit of preparation can go a long way when you’re trying to connect with someone in order to persuade them.      

3. Mirror Their Body Language & Demeanor

Matching the style and mood of the person you are influencing can be very advantageous, as it makes them feel more comfortable with you.  Just be careful not to mimic people. 

Rather, notice their posture and the tone of their voice, and mirror them back to them.   This will make them feel like you are meeting them on their level. 

Mirroring your audience's body language and demeanor increases your chances of persuading anyone of anything.
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If you are talking to someone that is more laid back and relaxed, do not overwhelm them with enthusiasm. Instead, pace yourself so that you match their natural style.

This creates solidarity with the person you are trying to get on board, and makes their decision to concede to your propositions much easier. 

4. Encourage Questions

When you someone you are trying to convince asks you a question, be sure to praise and encourage them so that they feel validated and comfortable enough to continue the conversation.

Simple pre-answer comments such as, “I’m glad you asked that,” or “Yes, that is a very important aspect, let me tell you about it,” show people that they are being heard. 

This opens the door for them to allow themselves to get more vulnerable and willing to give you what you’re asking for.

Persuade anyone of anything by encouraging questions.
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Practicing these persuasion hacks will increase your success rate immensely. 

These simple tricks make a big difference to people subconsciously, and give you the upper hand when you are trying to persuade anyone of anything.

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