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Moon Water Recipe & Uses (Printable)

Throughout the ages, many have developed ways to harness the power of the full moon. Today I am sharing with you my own favorite method: creating moon water. Use these printable graphics as helpful resource for planning your next full moon ritual.

Printable: Moon Water Recipe

How to make moon water: Recipe

1. Choose your vessel
Find a clear container that speaks to you. It could be a mason jar, a crystal vase, or a vintage goblet. Anything that holds water and speaks to you will do the trick.

2. Select your water source
Decide where your base water will come from. It may be your normal drinking water, from a wishing well, or even from a river or the ocean. Just make sure it reflects the intention you are setting with this ritual.

3. Find a moonlit spot and set your intention
Choose a patch of earth flooded with light from the full moon. Take a moment to meditate on the intention you would like to set for the coming month. Stay with your water until the ceremony feels complete and you are contented.

4. Revel
Allow your moon water to bask in the light of the full moon overnight, so that it absorbs all of the powerful lunar energy that is available.

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Printable: Moon Water Uses

How to Make Moon Water: Uses

1. Drink
If you chose a water source that is safe for drinking, you may want to sip your moon water daily to absorb its beneficial qualities all month long or mix it into your favorite tea.

2. Bathe
Both yourself and your crystals would enjoy a moon water soak. So add your moon water to a nice bath, and relax in its power, letting all of your troubles float away.
Or, supercharge your crystals with an extended dip in this powerful elixir.

3. Cleanse
Blend some moon water into your cleaning solution of choice to purify your home on multiple planes.

4. Dip your Paintbrushes
Create artwork that is truly magical by using lunar liquid as wash water while your imagination takes form.

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You now possess all of the information you need to create your very own full moon elixir, and we hope that you are looking forward to the end of the next lunar cycle as much as we are.

Video: Full Moon Ritual For Manifestation (moon water)

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The power of the full moon is unlimited, and with so many methods of utilizing its lunar influence, be sure to find one that works for you. The possibilities are truly endless, and with some practice you will become a moon master in no time.

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