Moon Water Recipe & Uses (Printable)

Throughout the ages, many have developed ways to harness the power of the full moon. Today I am sharing with you my own favorite method: creating moon water. Use these printable graphics as helpful resource for planning your next full moon ritual.

recipe for moon water
Printable: Moon Water Recipe

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uses for moon water
Printable: Moon Water Uses

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You now possess all of the information you need to create your very own full moon elixir. We hope that you are looking forward to the end of the next lunar cycle as much as we are.

Video: Full Moon Ritual For Manifestation (Moon Water)

Click here to view a previous blog post that not only mentions moon water, but also provides some helpful background information on maximizing the power of the full moon thorough ritual.

The power of the full moon is unlimited. With so many methods of utilizing it’s lunar influence, be sure to find one that works for you. The possibilities are truly endless, and with some practice you will become a moon master in no time.


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