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Manifesting Your Dreams (All Of Them)

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Have you tried manifesting your dreams, but have not gotten the results you’re after?

Getting mediocre pay offs can be so discouraging. And in reality, underwhelming outcomes are way too common.

What am I missing?

So the question is, what’s missing? What is that secret element that separates the wildly successful people from the mere wishfuls?

Naturally, it’s something that is simple, but it’s not always easy. The answer lies in your beliefs.

The Key To Manifesting Your Dreams

Our beliefs dictate a whole lot about our lives. They determine our ability to grow, love, and achieve. They are the things responsible for holding us back, or catapulting us forward.

The answer is out there.

We’ll talk more about what I mean exactly about these beliefs in a minute.

But first, I want to give you the key to succeeding. The secret weapon that drives others to achieve whatever it is that they desire. The foundational truth that makes all the difference when you are trying to manifest your dreams.

What I’m here to tell you today is extremely good news.

I’m here to tell you that you have the power to believe whatever you want to believe.

Yes, you!

You get to decide what you are going to tell yourself in your mind. You get to choose the story that serves as the background to your life.

This is all within your control. And that undeniably means that you are capable of changing your current set of beliefs into one that works, and manifesting your dreams once & for all.

You get to choose what it is that you see.

Making Your Beliefs Work For You

Beliefs are ideas that we have picked up throughout our lives that we ascribe meaning to and think are true. We get our initial set of beliefs downloaded into us by our parents, relatives, and friends as we grow up. We also get them from the media, school, and the stories that entertain us. It’s true that kids are impressionable! And this is what that means. This impressionableness is reflected in the beliefs that we absorb throughout childhood.

Interestingly, we also make up a lot of beliefs along the way. As we grow and learn, we are presented with sometimes conflicting ideas. And most often, we tend to piece them together into something that makes sense to us at the time. So, when we are faced with trauma at the age of five, or rejection at twelve, or heartbreak at sixteen, we make up a story so that we can understand our feelings about what is happening.

This means that many of us are walking around with a five-year-old’s perspective on trauma! Or, a twelve-year-old’s point of view on rejection. And if we’re still holding on to a sixteen-year-old’s understanding of heartbreak, we are in for some real trouble!

Update your beliefs.

Same Beliefs, Same Results

For example, as teenagers, most of us have experienced some kind of rejection from a romantic interest. When this happened, we often told ourselves things like, “Well men are pigs anyway,” or “All women are crazy.” And if we are honest about this, we probably knew that at least one of our parents, if not both, might agree with either of these statements.

Those kinds of statements, that happened when we were young, became beliefs as we carried them into our adult life. And either one of these particular beliefs has the power to undermine a person’s relationships well into the future.

Then our parents, friends, teachers, and other people we trust, reinforce these beliefs, and the process continues. And when we carry those beliefs around with us (as there is no denying that SOME men are pigs, and SOME women are crazy!), we will find them in the world over and over, further reinforcing our harmful beliefs.

The thing is, we rarely go back and consider that we only made that statement in the first place to protect ourselves from heartache. If we don’t look back and reevaluate where our beliefs came from originally, and decide if we want to keep them or not, then we get stuck with old ideas that don’t serve us. We must change our minds about some of the things that we came to believe at a very young age.

You see, some of our beliefs began as defense mechanisms. It’s hard to grasp this because they seem so completely true and real to us even today. But they aren’t true. And this is the most wonderful thing about all of this.

You Can Change Your Beliefs And Begin Manifesting Your Dreams

Beliefs are nothing more than thoughts that we have accepted as true. Once we decide to hold onto one, it becomes a part of the lens that see the world through. And this filter, this lens, affects our reality in every way. It determines what we like and don’t like. How we react to situations, be they difficult or joyful. And, it is an especially strong influence on how we navigate our relationships.

All of this is true. Beliefs are very powerful. But when it really comes down to it, they are actually just ideas that we’ve come up with along the way.

And that means that you can change them.

Yes, change them!

Change your beliefs, change your perspective.

Change them into a mindset that serves you. Create a story to tell yourself in which you always come out on top. Adapt the lens that you see the world through so that you can notice the opportunities that exist all around you. The right beliefs will get you manifesting your dreams automatically. Believe you can, and you can!

So don’t be afraid to rewrite your background story. Decide to upgrade your beliefs, and your dreams will transform into your reality.

All you have to do is believe.

By the way, if you find this a little bit confusing at first, that is perfectly normal.

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