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The Law of Vibration (Video Post)

Are you interested in using the Law of Vibration to maximize your manifestation powers beyond what the law of attraction has done for you? Do you want to know how the elites use secret knowledge about the universe? =>>Click here to watch this video that will show you how. Check out this video for 3…

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Are you interested in using the Law of Vibration to maximize your manifestation powers beyond what the law of attraction has done for you?

Do you want to know how the elites use secret knowledge about the universe?

=>>Click here to watch this video that will show you how.
This graphic representing the law of vibration can help you understand the structure of the law of vibration
Graphic representation of the Law of Vibration.

Check out this video for 3 short story-based examples to help you understand how to use the Law of Vibration. You can start feeling better and begin seeing huge results the second you increase your vibrational frequency to one of peace, joy and love. The Law of Vibration does the rest of the work for you.

The transcription follows:

Law of Vibration Video Transcription

I want to talk to you about the Law of Vibration and also the Law of Attraction.

I want to give you a SUPER practical, down to earth explanation of this topic and offer you a different perspective on it so that, once and for all, you can finally understand how incredibly important this is.

The Law of Vibration is the same as Emotional Sobriety.

When you understand this concept and fully integrate it into your life, when it becomes a part of your being, and it becomes a working part of your thought patterns, you will see a HUGE change in your life.

You will be able to create the kind of life that you’ve always dreamed of, and the really great thing about it is, that it will happen with little to no effort at all.

So please stay. I really encourage you to take this seriously.  This information can forever change your life.

I want to ask you a question:

What if I told you that you really CAN create EXACTLY the kind of life that you have always wanted to live? That you can have and do ANYTHING in this world that you want.  

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Would you believe me?  

Or would you say “no, that’s not really true…I can’t do that.”

Would you actively start trying to think of things that are known to be impossible, just to prove me wrong?

Caught you!

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right”

He also said something that’s not referred to nearly as often.  I’m paraphrasing a little bit, but he said that he was looking for people who “don’t know what can’t be done”.

Meaning, he was looking for people who had not already decided that something wasn’t possible before ever even trying or digging into it.

I don’t know about you, but I had that very pattern for all of my life.  I would tell myself “I can’t do this” or “it doesn’t make any sense” or “it’s too hard” I’ll just do it this way instead…

The problem is you can’t make this work the way you want it to work. It only works the way it actually works. Not the way I want it to work. But the way it actually works.

How The Law of Vibration Works

With that being said, I encourage you to listen with an open mind to this life-changing information.

This video is for anyone that has a real desire to change their life. A desire to have something more in this world. And ultimately, a desire to be able to spread love, peace and joy into the world.

A desire to use their talents and become empowered to make a real impact on this world.

Because you have amazing strength in you.  I know you do, and we can help unlock it.

So if you fit any of those categories, or if you are just curious,  I encourage you to continue watching.

It is very difficult for me to convince someone that where they currently are in life can be better, 10x better or even WAY better than they ever even dreamed possible.

Most of the time when someone asks about our life, we all kind of respond with the “oh you know, it’s ok.  My life is pretty good I guess”.   We say the answer that we want other people to hear.  What we think they want to hear.

The reason it is so difficult to convince someone how incredibly important it is to change is because it’s completely subjective, and if you have been living your life at one frequency or one level of vibration for your entire life, that’s all you’ve ever experienced, and someone saying “no no no, it CAN be completely different” seems crazy because your life has always been one way, and the idea that it could just magically change sounds a little bit far fetched.

I have heard all the arguments, and I have made many of them myself, when I was first presented with the idea that my life would change if I was willing to do a little bit of work and practice some self-awareness.  I thought the person (who is a dear friend of mine now) was completely insane!

Tell me in the comments below if anything like this sounds familiar, “Ya well, that can work for you, or for them, but it can’t work for me. I’m different.”

Or, “You just don’t understand, you just don’t get it, I’ve always been this way, it’s just how life is for me.”

The number of examples is infinite, but they all revolve around the idea that I’m different from everyone else, and my life is unique and special (which it is).  

But I want you to throw that out for a second, because while you do have your own unique experiences in life, and you do have your own unique talents and weaknesses, 

you actually are exactly the same as everyone else, and I’m going to prove it to you right now.

We Are All Unique, And We Are All The Same.

We all have thoughts, and we all have emotional reactions to those thoughts. And, we all have feelings.

That’s what makes us all the same.

So, what is the Law of Vibration and how can it help me change my life?

I’m not going to go into that typical speech that you have heard so many times before about “everything is made of energy” and how everything is vibrating at a different frequency, because, while I do believe it to be true, it really doesn’t help you understand this fundamental law.

When you learn to apply the law and understand its true meaning, all those explanations will make perfect sense to you, but until that happens it just sounds hokey and woo woo.

What I am going to teach you about this, applies to anyone on this planet.  It doesn’t matter where you live, where you are from, who your parents were, where you were born, how much money you have, what your cultural background is, it makes no difference at all.

This applies to ANYONE, any breathing and living human being.  All of us.

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All human beings have thoughts.

Now, not all people think exactly the same way, or have the same exact beliefs (and we know this because not everyone reacts to or agrees on the same things), but we all have thoughts.  Each and every one of us.

Now certain thoughts, and certain patterns of thought, produce certain emotional responses in the body.

You can literally feel the feelings in your body start to change, by the types of thoughts that you have.

Look at this chart that breaks down the majority of the human emotions.

Starting at the bottom we have shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, resentment, anger, pride

And then there’s Courage, Neutrality, Willingness, Acceptance, Reason, Love, Joy, and ultimately Peace and Enlightenment.

We can think of these emotions as a scale, starting at the lowest point being the lowest level frequencies, and then traveling up to the top.

The emotions on the lower part of the chart are all contractive, negative emotions.  We are living in a state of low vibration when we experience these emotions.

Which again, are a result of what we are thinking about at that exact moment.

So if we are feeling guilty or ashamed, we are on the very bottom of the scale, and we are living in a super contracted state of being. 

It is impossible to create anything in your life of any value at this level. 

Also, because of its low frequency, you will attract very specific types of people and experiences into your life.  People and experiences that are also functioning at a low frequency.  And these are not the ones we want to attract.

Think about it.  You are not going to have a conversation with someone who is in a state of peace, love, and joy when you are in a state of guilt and shame.  

One person has to either change vibration, or the conversation will not progress at all.

Have you ever seen someone who is having a great day or seems really happy while you wanted to tell them about how bad of a person you are because you did x, y, or z and you feel bad about it?  

No… you don’t do it.  

You either raise your vibration and say “Hi how are you” or you don’t talk to them at all.

Notice, that in this instance, you are able to raise your vibration at least somewhat to meet them where they are.

Now, there are other possibilities too.  You could think to yourself, “gosh what are they so happy about? How could anyone be that happy?” and stay in a place of resentment and bitterness instead, and the conversation never takes place. 

I have done it. I used to think that way most of the day.  

It was a very low vibrational state, to look at someone’s smile and figure out how to make myself miserable over it.

That contracted state produces horrible results, and it feeds on itself.

So what about the other end of the spectrum? What does that look like?

You Can Change Your Frequency With The Law of Vibration!

Well, individuals who live in that range of emotion have the very best results in life.  They are happy, and opportunities come easily to them.  

They do not fear people anymore, and they have command of their emotional state (by taking responsibility for their own thinking).  

The higher up the scale you go, and the more consistently you stay there, the possibilities become endless.  It’s like having a magical superpower that allows you to draw infinite goodness and joy into your life.

You have experienced this before from the other side.

People who are happy and are really nice to other people and take interest in others’ needs, always seem to have the best luck.  It’s as if everything just works out for them with no effort at all.

It’s that kind of person that you want to dislike, but you just can’t because they are so incredible to be around and they really make you feel good inside.

That’s where we are trying to go…

Here are a few stories.  I want you to follow along with me and see if you can guess what emotional state these people are in, and where they are on our scale.

Let’s take a look at story #1

Two years ago Rick and his wife Jill were on a date at Jill’s favorite restaurant.  

On the way to the bathroom after the meal, Rick ran into his boss from work, who asked Rick to join him and a few of his coworkers for drinks.  

His wife was tired and decided to drive herself home and let Rick stay with his boss and friends who would later take a cab home.

The beginning of the story starts out high, at around 500 for love.  He has love and maybe even joy (at 540) in his life.  His emotional state is very high and expanded, and because of this, he has a great experience at dinner.  According to the chart, at that moment he was experiencing a state of flow, where things come naturally and freely.

When Rick returned home an hour later, he saw that Jill’s car was not there, and the local sheriff was waiting for him in his driveway. 

On her way home, Jill was killed in a car accident involving a drunk driver. 

Jill had not been drinking that night.  Rick and his family were devastated.

After finding out about the death of his wife, his vibrational frequency drops to a 20 or 30, because he immediately feels guilty and ashamed for not driving his wife home.  He blames himself instantly, and has a lot of grief in his heart (understandably, of course).   While his overall vibrational frequency is low, he might occasionally jump up to 150 for some periods where he is angry.  He also experiences a great deal of grief at 75.

Since that night, Rick’s daughters have blamed him for the accident because he was the one that was supposed to be driving.  

His oldest daughter, Beth, who is 23 and off at college, has only spoken to Rick twice since the accident, and his youngest daughter Amanda, age 13, went to stay with her aunt immediately following the accident and has not been home since.  

She only speaks to her father on weekends and her Aunt, Jill’s only sister, has stopped any attempts Rick has made to see his youngest daughter.

Rick continues to stay around a 20 or 30, occasionally jumping up to 150, but staying more around 100 where the fear of hurting his daughters is. The shame and guilt he carries that is reinforced by his daughters’ reactions have kept him at a 20 or 30 for years now.  You can see from the chart that his vibrational level is very low.   

Rick occasionally makes it into the “getting by’ range, but mostly, Rick is Suffering 

Now let’s take a look at story #2

Tom has been upset for weeks over a situation that occurred at work.  

He had been looking forward to a promotion at his yearly evaluation, but he was turned down because there was only enough money to give one person a raise that year.  

It is not the first time that it has happened, and he is beginning to wonder if the 10 years he has spent at his job have been a mistake.

Tom is feeling angry and irritated because he didn’t receive the raise that came along with the promotion.  For the first part of the story, Tom is experiencing around 125 to 150 on the chart, and surviving, but not really enjoying life.

He is normally pretty happy to spend time with his oldest sons working on cars and supporting his wife in her writing career.

But as he begins to think deeply about the choices that he has made over the past decade, he wonders if things would have been better if he had followed his true passion for business, instead of deciding to “play it safe” in a corporate job instead.

Tom is feeling guilty and ashamed for the choices he has made in the past, (around 20-30 on the chart).  The story does note that he has some enjoyment in his life while working on cars with his sons, but when adversity strikes, (like when he’s passed over for the promotion), his old thoughts will resurface and bring him back down into a lower vibrational state.

Tom is especially mad at his boss, George, and his coworker Sam who recently got promoted instead of Tom.  Tom feels he was entitled to the promotion because he’s been at the company longer than Sam, and he puts in more hours.  He is also upset because he recently promised his wife a vacation, but he was counting on the money from the new position.  Now he can’t afford the vacation, and he hasn’t yet told his wife.

In the last part of the story, Tom is resentful and angry.  This puts him at a 125-150 on the scale.

Tom is also ashamed that he can’t afford the vacation they had planned, and he is also scared to tell her, which keeps him between 20 and 100 on the scale.  

Tom is barely getting by.

Now let’s look at story #3

Sara is furious and angry and has spent most of her day on Facebook harshly attacking people that don’t agree with her political affiliation.  She is normally calm and kind, but she is fed up with the way people have been acting, and she is going to give them a piece of her mind.

Sara is furious and angry and most likely pretty resentful, which puts her at a 125 to 150 on the scale.   She has been slowly accumulating this amount of anger because she is constantly exposing herself to it through popular media, social media, and her social circles. (stop)

She fires off a couple of furious posts that she immediately regrets and starts deleting as quickly as possible, trying to save herself embarrassment.

She then has a flash of courage and pride, and posts feverishly, hammering out some very well worded posts that were designed to devalue and degrade her intended targets.  This puts her around 150-175 on the scale.

After she realizes what she has done, because she really doesn’t want to hurt anyone, she becomes embarrassed and ashamed and tries to remove the damage as quickly as possible, which puts her back down into the 20-30 range.  

Sara is suffering.

It’s important to note that while we are looking at each of these different scenarios on a moment by moment basis, there are patterns of thoughts that are recurring.  Every time that each of these individuals begins replaying these scenarios in their minds, through their thinking, they will experience the exact same emotional responses, over and over.   

Your brain literally can not tell the difference between “thinking about it” and it actually happening.  Sure, it may lose a little bit of its punch from the initial moment, but each time we go over it again in our minds, we are just reinforcing that pathway in the brain a little bit more.

This kind of thinking can literally put you in a seemingly permanent state of shame, guilt, fear, etc., so that if any of them is walking into a new situation, or even having a conversation with someone else, and at that exact moment in time they are actually thinking about these past events, the emotions will resurface, and they will dive back down to that low vibrational frequency. 

Low vibrational frequency is the #1 reason why people fail to create the lives they want to live, and stay “stuck” in a holding pattern.

Now, it’s very important to realize that while all three of these stories are very different in their details, they all result in the same vibrational frequencies according to the chart, in the range of suffering to barely getting by.

That’s the most important part about these examples.  The details may vary, but the emotional frequencies stay the same.  And they consistently produce the same kinds of results in our lives.  

If you want to change your results in life, you have to change the frequency you are vibrating at that is causing all of your results.

The Law of Attraction will not work the way you want it to if you don’t address the underlying vibration that you live in.

But How?

That’s for the next video.

Let’s change the world together.

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