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The Law of Attraction Q & A

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Getting the universe to give you what you want is easy.

The questions for this Law of Attraction Q & A were submitted by readers of our newsletter.

What is my purpose? 

Finding your purpose in life can be quite challenging.  Sometimes, it’s hard to even know where to start.  How about trying to make a list of your values? 

The things that are truly important to you.  Is it education?  Money?  Changing the world? Helping Others? 

Start by writing everything that comes to mind and then narrow it down to several that are the most important to you out of those. 

Then, try to connect them.  Maybe your purpose is to get educated so that you can make a lot of money and then change the world by helping people. 

The possibilities are endless, and entirely unique to you.  Get to know yourself better, discover your purpose, and commit to making it happen.  That is truly life’s purpose.

How do I know what my gifts are?

You are absolutely gifted.  Are you able to take a clear look at yourself and see your strengths and weaknesses?

We are all better at some things than others, try to focus on what you’re good at.  Developing several of your strengths and talents may highlight one or some of them to you as the gifts you were born with.    

Joy and Happiness Live Within You

Will I ever find success and true love?

That depends on how you define success.  Do you know what success means to you?  Try to get a clear picture in your mind of what success is, and then visualize, in detail, yourself reaching that place in your life.  The magic of it is in learning what success is and striving to reach that ideal.

As far as true love goes, are you able to truly love yourself? 

The first person we can practice attaining true love for is ourselves.  How would you like to be treated by someone that truly loves you? 

Take stock of this answer and then apply it to yourself.  The more you are able to love & cherish yourself, the better you will be at it when that special someone comes along. 

And when you can truly love yourself, and another person, that is when you will be truly loved by someone else too.    

Why do so many people dislike me? 

Are you sure that many people dislike you?  How do you know or measure this?  Sometimes we make assumptions based on how other people treat us or act towards us, when really, we have no idea what they are thinking, or feeling, or dealing with at the time. 

Others’ behavior towards us usually has a lot more to do with them than with us.  Bonus Points:  Keep practicing loving yourself, and what other people think about you will no longer matter to you.

There are a lot of programs on the market that promise manifestation. Can you recommend some with quick results, that have been proven to work?

The truth is, you already have everything you need to start manifesting. The trick is to believe that having the things that you want is truly possible for you.  Focus on your dreams.  Visualize your success. 

Be diligent about this, and do it daily.  Make a deal with yourself that you will neither doubt your goals, nor let negative thoughts distract you from them.  You can do it!  

You must develop a system or routine to get yourself to be mindful and consistent with your visualizations.  There are products that can help you come up with a structure, but the key is in focusing in on your true desires. 

When you can see these things so clearly that you can taste them, that’s when they will come to you.

I think I am struggling to “let go.” How do you let go? Do you still continue to visualize your desire or just forget about it?

There is an idea that using the law of attraction to manifest your desires works just like ordering something to eat at a restaurant.  You put in your order, and then you wait for it to arrive. 

Just have faith that the kitchen is busy preparing it, and that it will come to you when it’s ready.  Certainly don’t go back to the kitchen to check on it, or micromanage how the chef prepares it. Simply ask for it, and believe that it will come.   

However, at the back of your mind, you have not forgotten about the order you placed, and the yummy food that is coming your way.  The anticipation builds, but what is really important is your firm belief that things are transpiring for you so that you get what you want. 

Let go & know that the good you desire is on its way.

I’m wanting to know more about manifesting the things that I’m working on in life. I’m forty-nine, and I want this to be the beginning of the best year so far.

The best way to change your life is by taking the suggestions that have been made to you your whole life, that you’ve haven’t listened to.  The answers already lie within you. 

Start paying attention to that age old advice, and start doing what it says to do.  Take deep breaths, exercise, keep a positive mindset, believe in yourself, etc.  The list goes on and on. 

Take advantage of the wisdom that is all around you, and you will begin living your best life. 

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