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How to Use an Angel Money Prayer

Have you ever wondered if there are any angels who help with money? And if so, where to find them and how to communicate with them? Or better yet, how to get their attention!

The answer is with an Angel Money Prayer.

There are many angels of prosperity and money angels who can help bring more blessings into your life.

Your Money Angel will come if you call, and bring your abundance along with them.

In order to begin a relationship with one of these angelic wealth bringers, the first thing you need are powerful angel of prosperity and abundance prayers.

We have created a free eBook with angel money prayer examples for every days of the year! You can click the link below to download your copy:

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Once you have your prayers, you can get ready to pray to your personal angel of abundance.

After you’ve selected your money prayers, the next thing you must do is ask your angel to come into your life and help you with money & wealth.

Opening a Line of Communication with Your Abundance Angel

Although it’s a common misconception that people hold, there is actually nothing selfish or greedy about asking for more abundance in your life.

The truth is that the Universe wants you to have abundance, wealth, prosperity and whatever else your heart desires. We just have to discover how to let it in to our lives. Money angels are great helpers with this.

Keep your hands and your heart open to the gifts that are in store for you.

It’s also important to be direct about what you ask for while saying your angel money prayers.

Be specific, because the Universe rewards certainty. If you want 1,000 dollars, ask specifically for 1,000 dollars, rather than something more vague, like “a lot of money.”

Here is a quick example prayer to help you establish a connection with an angel of financial abundance:

“Angel of wealth, please guide me. I need your help, financial abundance angel. I know that you are a great angel of wealth and that you have the power to help me. Please come find me and show me the way to prosperity”

Once your line of communication has been opened and you have let your money angel know that you are in need of help, you can move on to saying more direct prayers that ask for what you need to reach financial abundance and prosperity.

Then it’s only a matter of staying consistent with your prayer routine and being grateful and patient during the process.

Inviting your wealth angel into your life, accepting their guidance during this time, and allowing them to help you see the opportunities that the Universe has laid out for you is all you have to do start seeing results.

Say a Prayer Every Day for Prosperity and Abundance

The best way to attract more money and abundance into your life is to pray each day to your money angel. It’s important to stay committed to this practice. This is a place where discipline and a strong routine can make a big difference. Try scheduling a time in the morning (or whenever is best for you), and say a prayer each day at that time to your Angel.

Your Money Angel is waiting for you.

Angels are most helpful when you invite them into your life. Seeking their protection and guidance towards the best opportunities and being at the right places at the right times is the best way to be open to their communications. The more often you pray to them, and the more consistent you are about it, the better your results will be.

You will become more sensitive to their signs and signals, and you will be able to decode their meanings for you much more quickly.

If you are having trouble praying, or you can’t decide which prayers to say, it is always helpful to default back to gratitude. Thanking your money angel for their help, and the universe for its abundance, is a great way to attract even more of what you already feel lucky to have.

Examples of Powerful Money Angel Prayers:

Here are some examples of the types of prayers that money angels like to hear and answer. These are 3 sample prayers from the 365 Money Miracle Prayer eBook mentioned above. You can do download it for FREE by clicking below.

  1. Universe, today marks the beginning of my bouncing back. My spiritual and financial life shall be restored. My lost glory shall be fully recovered.
  2. Universe, clear my schedule of time-wasting activities. Show me what’s really necessary, and help me get rid of the rest.
  3. Universe, when the mindsets of scarcity and lack creep in, help me to notice them immediately and push them back out.

Your money angel can hear these prayers, and they will be interpreted as a signal from you for them to jump into action. They will help guide you and protect you during this process.

So remember to open the line of communication with your angel, say your prayers daily (on a regular schedule) and then be grateful as you start to receive financial miracles and blessings in your life.

Your free eBook: 365 Money Miracle Prayers

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to download your FREE eBook, “365 Money Prayers,” to help you find a money prayer to say on every single day of the year!

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