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How to Manifest Your Dreams

“The Law of Attraction,” “thoughts become things,” “create a vision board,” “change your negative thoughts.” If you have done any reading on effective manifestation, you have heard ALL of these things. But the real question is, HOW and WHY? Let’s start with WHY first, and then move on to HOW. The Law of Attraction is…

“The Law of Attraction,” “thoughts become things,” “create a vision board,” “change your negative thoughts.”

If you have done any reading on effective manifestation, you have heard ALL of these things. But the real question is, HOW and WHY?

Let’s start with WHY first, and then move on to HOW.

The Law of Attraction is always at work. You can think of it as a law, just like gravity, that is always working. There is nothing you can do to stop gravity, and there is nothing that you can do to stop the Law of Attraction.

model of how gravity works, just like how the law of attraction is always manifesting your dreams
Just like gravity, the Law of Attraction is always at work.

But what does that really mean, and how can it help manifest your dreams and achieve your goals?

The Law of Attraction, simply stated is “Like Attracts Like.”

This idea is all about energy and the subconscious mind.

It’s unusual to hear anyone talk about mental health in relationship to the Law of Attraction.

But if you are depressed, anxious, sad, or lonely, the Law of Attraction can only bring you more of the same.

If we get stuck in thought patterns that cause us to seek validation, or to constantly talk about our problems, worries, and fears, then we can expect the Law of Attraction to do its job and bring us more situations like those we are already focused on. Because, Yes, manifesting does work!

You may think, “Yes but that’s normal right? That’s what people do when they need help or comfort”.

supportive friends comforts upset woman taking care not to let negative emotions manifest poor outcomes into her life
It’s ok to lean on supportive friends sometimes, but try not to stay in misery any longer than necessary.

And that’s true, these are common, normal ways to cope with challenging circumstance. The question is how, often are we doing it? If we are spending too much of the present moment ruminating on our perceived mistakes, then we are creating the life that is the total opposite of what we truly desire.

Be careful about how you spend the present moment

Does it play on a loop in your thoughts in your mind, like a broken record?

Are you constantly stuck in a spot of complaining and scarcity, not having enough, feeling hopeless and lonely.

These are the mental health issues that plague us when trying to Manifest using the Law of Attraction.

Do you find yourself trying to manifest love or manifest money by trying to stay positive, or practicing positive affirmations, or by keeping a gratitude journal?

But no matter how hard you try to do all of these things, you never see the positive results you are looking for. It start to feel hopeless.

Then, because of our limiting belief system, we begin focusing on how it isn’t working or how hopeless it is. And these feelings seem to grow stronger the more we look at them.

It’s this pattern that causes the Law of Attraction to not work for you. It is definitely working, as it always is. But instead of working for you, it’s working AGAINST you.

By giving energy to the hopelessness of the situation, we end up manifesting THAT reality, instead of the one that we truly want, desire and deserve.

woman starting her day with breakfast in bed and writing affirmations in her manifestation journal
Always try to get your day started off right.

Here’s an example of what a great morning effort might look like:

You start your day with positive intentions hoping to manifest love into your life.

You begin with some simple manifestation techniques.

Positive affirmations are a great manifesting method for starting the morning. So, you set a FIRM intention, and being.

SET #1: Positive Affirmations for Manifesting Your Dreams

“I am attractive, I am powerful, I am desirable, I am lovable”.

“The Universe is preparing the perfect person for me”.

“I am whole and I am loved”.

And then maybe you go ahead and take out your manifestation journal and start writing out what your prefect day would look like with the love of your life.

Now you are definitely on the right track, doing what you need to do, full of positive thoughts and positive energy.

Let’s say that you do this for 7 days in a row, but on day 8, when you wake up in the morning, something happens. A negatively charged event, like losing a job, or even losing someone close to you, a fight with a family member, a car accident, anything. It doesn’t matter what the event is, but it’s BAD, one of the worst things that has ever happened to you.

Now your subconscious beliefs take over and the thoughts become something that sounds like:

SET #2: Harmful Negative Affirmations

“Oh this Law of Attraction thing doesn’t work, this is all nonsense”.

“I can’t believe I ever thought this would work, I’m such an idiot for wasting my time and money on this”.

“Nothing good will ever happen for me anyway, I’m going to be alone forever”.

woman experiencing strong emotions that determine our core beliefs
Strong emotions can change your beliefs, for better or for worse.

The worst part about this is, because you are so amped up with emotion, the 2nd set of beliefs (your unconscious beliefs) are actually the ones that will begin to manifest.

Experiencing strong negative emotions can really cause unconscious ideas to surface and hang around. And because it takes time to heal after tragedy, you might be repeating these negative affirmations for more than the week you spent on the positive ones.

Adding to their influence is the fact that this 2nd set of beliefs was already buried down in your subconscious mind.

Unless we intentionally change them, our current unconscious beliefs were formed long ago.

These thoughts didn’t just “fall out of the sky” on the day that disaster struck. They were already INSIDE your mind. It just took an emotionally charged event to bring them to the forefront.

If you believe strongly enough that things are not going to work for you, then that is what will manifest.

And just like clockwork, things won’t work for you.

But WHY?

The unconscious mind is very attached to your emotions. This causes things that you feel very strongly about to get “burned” into your subconscious mind. So we have to be very careful about what we allow to get engrained down there.

In this case, because there was so much more emotional energy attached to the 2nd set of beliefs, they will be ones that manifest. Which leaves you unhappy, frustrated, and confused because it seems like the Law of Attraction is not working.

The good news is that there is a way to change this, a way to make this “emotionally charged” belief system work to your advantage.

If you can get excited and feel good about things, you can create strong positive energy instead that will plant those positive and powerful affirmations deep into your unconscious mind.

woman using strong positive emotions to plant positive core beliefs in her unconscious mind
Positive Emotions-> Positive Beliefs-> Positive Life!

Then you will “react” and respond differently to situations.

Because your automatic thoughts will sound more like:

“I am great, I am awesome. Look how great this turned out for me, look at how amazing this is!”

And that place of gratitude, joy, harmony and acceptance, is how to manifest love, wealth, health, happiness, prosperity and anything your heart desires.

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