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How To Get What You Want

Do you want to know how to get what you want? We all have things that we want in life, but sometimes getting them can be a challenging process. The first step of knowing how to get what you want is knowing what it is that you want, exactly. There are many layers when it…

Do you want to know how to get what you want?

Woman swinging on swing and enjoying the ride because she knows how to get what she wants.
Always Dream Big!

We all have things that we want in life, but sometimes getting them can be a challenging process.

The first step of knowing how to get what you want is knowing what it is that you want, exactly.

There are many layers when it comes to wants. Are we talking about things you would like to have? Things that you need? Extravagant extras that you would like to have? Achievements you would like to earn? Relationship or health goals? The list could go on and on.

Imagine This…

If you had everything you wanted in life, what would your life look like? What would you have?

Take a moment to consider these questions earnestly. Perhaps even write some of your answers down.

The clearer the image is in your mind of where you’re going, the easier it will be to set out on the journey of making that dream life your reality.

Fireworks exploding behind well lit castle.
You can have your dream life.

Once you know what you’re going after, the next step is to devise a plan for getting there.

One powerful method for manifesting your dream life is creating a vision board. Here is a link for another of our blog posts that talks all about how to do just that.

Creating a vision board is one key way to get what you want, but there are many others, too. You just have to make sure that you know where you are going.

Now that you know what it is that you’re after, it’s time to make a plan.

Brainstorm what actions you will need to take if your future dreams are to become your present reality.

The path you will take towards getting what you want is unique, but here’s some general wisdom to get you started.

5 Tips For How To Get What You Want.

1. Do not take advice from people who have not done what you are trying to do.

Ney sayers are a dime a dozen. Don’t listen to ones who don’t know what they are talking about. Focus on seeking out the advice of people who have what you want. When you find one, listen to them.

This sounds simple, but trusting their experience and tips can be difficult if they don’t line up with your opinions about what you need to do to get to where you’re going. Remember, they’ve been there. Open your ears and your mind and do what they say to do and you will maximize your success.

2. Believe you can do it.

man in black suit jacket standing near railings
Believe you can, or you can’t. Either way, you’re right.

Believing in yourself is the number one ingredient required for your success. If you don’t believe you can have it, or that you’re worthy of having it, you might as well give up now. It’s impossible to manifest your dreams if you don’t believe in them first.

3. Self-discipline.

In order to succeed, you must take action. Come up with a plan and stick with it! When you want to give up, fall back on your routine. Know what you have to do each day and do it. Each. Day. No matter what. Even if you’re tired or busy or don’t feel like it. Consistency is key for making progress. And progress is how we reach our goals.

Don’t let perfectionism hold you back! Making progress is better than making it perfect.

4. Learn as much as you can.

Person with binoculars looking through stacked books.  Do the research to learn how to get what you want.
Look for what you need.

Research methods for how to get what you want. Are there books available on the subject? How about online courses? Classes at your local community college? Information is everywhere, so try to soak up as much as you can.

Really ask yourself if you have the foundation you need to build your empire upon. If there is more to learn (which there always is), don’t hesitate to take advantage of any resource available to you.

And, side note: It is ok to pay for this information. Free material is great, but some of the best stuff will cost you, because it’s so valuable. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself. It will be money well spent that will pay dividends later.

5. Persist

Spoiler alert: your road will get tough. That’s a requisite part of the package. If there weren’t any stumbling blocks, everyone would do it or have it, and it would have lost its value. So keep going. Once you’ve committed to an endeavor see it through for as long as you possibly can. Be extremely hesitant to give up, because no one wants to quit five minutes before the miracle happens.

Cactus with words "Don't give up 5 minutes before the miracle happens". This is a key truth for knowing how to get what you want.
You never know what’s just around the corner.

Keep Going. It Will Be Worth It In The End.

Hopefully these guidelines will be a springboard that gets you started on pursuing whatever it is you’re after in this life. You can do it! Just be careful whose adivce you buy, be disciplined, keep learning, and persist.

We’d love to hear about your progress. Tell us about your dreams, and what it’s like pursuing them, in the comment section below.

Also, please like and share this article so that more people are encouraged to reach for the life they truly want to live.

It’s possible for anyone.

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