How to Achieve Inner Peace in 7 Steps

Can you think of the last time your mind felt at ease? We’re not talking about a peaceful moment or two, but a genuine sense of inner peace. The term “inner peace” is used casually today’s world. It’s a simple concept, in theory, but it’s not easy to attain. It takes time to work out how to achieve inner peace, so here’s a 7-step guide to get the ball rolling.

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1) Limit Screen Time
You remember that technology craze we talked about? It’s real, and it’s real habitual. Screen time is an issue for almost anyone with access to devices and the internet. It’s one of those habits that can easily consume a lot of our personal time and rob us of our peace of mind. Of course you can still use your phone to scroll for important messages or to reply to a buzz, but setting your own rules around screen time usage will help you feel less bombarded by technology.

Cutting down on technology is a good start.

2) Separate “Big Stuff” from the “Small Details”
When we get busy, everything can feel like a big deal. When you start on this road, one tiny experience can snowball into an all-consuming crisis. Figure out what really matters, and if it doesn’t matter, don’t waste any energy on it. This one trick alone can drastically alter your frequency.

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3) Slow Down!
It’s easy to get upset at the “Slow down” advice but; instead of instead of becoming defensive try actually taking the advice. Your physical state in your body affects your mind and your thoughts affect your body. When you slow things down on a physical level, you’re better able to slow down on a mental level.

4) Stop Arriving Late
As hard as it is to actually break the habit of running behind schedule, you should break it. Being on time (better yet, early) alleviates the stress of running late. It’s impossible to be stressed out about being late to something, if you are always early.

5) Let Go
This might arguably take the most effort to do of all 7 suggestions. Whether it’s a previous relationship, or a trying childhood. Let go. Whatever happened, happened and you can’t change it now. It will sabotage your efforts at inner peace replaying old scenarios in your head.

Inner Peace is Attainable By All

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6) Focus on Breathing
The best way to connect with yourself is through your breath. Breathing is how we stay alive, and it’s what keeps you anchored. If you feel you are losing your inner peace, stop, and focus on your breath. Actually think about your breathing and observe it. When we get stressed, we breathe shallowly, which tells our body we are under attack. In other words, our bodies respond to the thoughts we have which activates our defenses. Simply spending a few minutes breathing slowly and deeply will help your mind and body relax. Several deep breaths in a row can change your mental state.

7) Take it one day at a time, or even better, Moment by Moment
When having a tough day, know deep down in your heart that tomorrow will come. Life has its ups and downs, just like your week, months or sometimes years will have their ups and downs. Try not to get too caught up on one bad day. Remember #6. Don’t allow one bad day to turn into tomorrow obsessing about yesterday. It’s how you respond to the stress triggers in your life that allow or deny inner peace.

Hopefully this article has shown you how to achieve inner peace. Please let us know what happens next for you in the comment section below.

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