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How Do You Find Harmony and Balance In Life?

To find harmony and balance in life, you first must understand what each of them is, and how they go hand in hand.

Balance refers to our inner relationship. How well do you get along with yourself? Do you love yourself whole-heartedly? Or, do you betray yourself by not standing your ground or standing up for yourself when it really matters?

Harmony refers to how well we get along with others. Do you have good relationships with your family members? Coworkers? Do you have strong friendships?

Two women find harmony and balance in life at the same time by practicing yoga together.
Yoga with friends promotes Harmony & Balance simultaneously.

All of these relationships are important parts of carving out our place in the world. How we relate to ourselves and others dictates how well we fit in with society. This can be very important for our quality of life.

So, how do you find harmony and balance in life?

There are several ways to improve your relationships and thus find more harmony and balance in your life.

Practice Self-Reflection to Find Balance in Your Life

Woman smiles at her reflection in a mirror.
Take a good look at yourself.
  • Writing Exercises
    • Journaling is a great place to start when we want to begin to look at our inner relationship. Writing it out can help us make sense of our content-packed, over-stimulating world. There is a lot swirling around in most of our heads. Getting the highlights down on paper can help us identify the really important stuff, as well as see any patterns that may be present.
  • Meditation
    • A healthy dose of introspection can go a long way towards developing our relationship with ourself. Find a quiet place to sit and close your eyes. Imagine there is an external version of yourself, and the two of you are having a conversation. What do you notice? What do you have to say to yourself? Is the tone of the meeting upbeat? Painful? Neutral and peaceful? Pay attention to what comes up and see what kind of insights you can gain about how to better relate to yourself in real time.

These two exercises are merely starting points. If this works for you, and you are inspired to find out more, there are many resources available for going deeper. I’ll link some here:

Develop Self Love with these 15 Tips

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Improve Your Relationships with Others to Increase Harmony

Silhouette of group of friends jumping at sunset.
Better relationships, Better life.

Here are two suggestions for upping the amount of harmony you experience between yourself and others:

  • Practice Listening
    • Listening is a super important skill for building relationships with others, because ultimately, we all really want to be heard. The technique of “Active Listening” where you repeat back to them what they’ve just said in the form of a question to check if you understood them correctly, can be very helpful. But most importantly, try not to think while you are listening to someone else speak! It only distracts you from the connection you are trying to form in the moment. Being off in your own world while someone is expressing themselves to you can really inhibit bonding, and prevents the development of harmony in your life.
  • Practice Non-Judgement
    • Judging people and situations really puts a damper on our experiences of them. When we enter into something with preconceived notions, or devote part of our attention to forming opinions about whatever is going on, we miss out on what is actually happening. To promote harmony in our lives, we must be more present with others, and less interested in what our minds have to say about everything. What we think is not as important as what is actually happening in reality.

Try out these ideas, and let us know what kind of results you get! Did you begin to relate better with others? Love yourself more? Or not? Comment below, and remember to share this article with anyone you know that would like more harmony & balance in their life, too.

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