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Get the Life You Deserve by Embracing Duality

In order to manifest the life you deserve, let’s start with the facts:

For example, the sun is a giant ball of energy 100 million miles away that fuels our planet – from photosynthesis in plants, all the way up to the solar panels on your roof. This is a fact.

And another: your thoughts determine your mood and your perception of the world. Another fact.

And, dark chocolate is obviously superior to milk chocolate. Ehh…this actually is not fact for everyone, but we’d love to think that it’s true considering all of the health benefits.

But seriously, one fact that we can all agree on is that we live in a universe of duality, meaning that there are always two sides to everything.

This fact can be proven with anything you choose to look at.

Think about how a plant grows: there’s the lovely growth that we see above ground, but also intricately intertwined roots that grow beneath the ground that we can’t see.

Think about the sun and the moon: one burns brightly in the daylight hours while the other shines for us at night.

Finally, if you think about how you yourself exist in this realm, you’ll see that you have two sides, too.

There is both the logical, and the emotional aspects of your very being. You have left and right sides of your brain. And every person has both masculine and feminine energy. This kind of self-exploration will help you manifest the life you deserve.

Did you know that astrologically, you even have a sun sign and an opposite moon sign?

Getting to know both sides of yourself from both a logical, and an emotional perspective can help you in your journey to manifest the life that you really want to live.

Once you face these truths, the world will literally open up for you!

Tapping Into Logic Using Ancient Scientific Tools Like Astrology

Contrary to popular belief, astrology is really based more on science that’s backed by facts than on mysticism.

This is so true, that a variety of ancient societies have used astrology, based in logical reasoning, to calculate calendars, dictate huge societal decisions, and even plan their crop production, all around astrology!

Astrology is one of the oldest methods for the prediction
of a person’s character, the weather, and more.

Astrology uses a system that combines mathematics and astronomy to create a detailed language that is full of insight.

Not only do astrologers draw up charts, (similar to mathematical graphs), they also study certain aspects and transits that integrate degrees (this looks a lot like geometry that you may have studied in math class).

Well-versed astrologers have committed to using both science and math, as well as the ability to tap into intuition!

Adding Emotional Intelligence To Uncover Your Soul Path

When people typically speak of intuition, there is a common misconception that only women are able to access this divine conversation.

This is just not true.

Everyone and anyone can connect with their intuition, and should be encouraged to do so!

Our society teaches us to avoid our emotions (whether you’re male or female), and we must unlearn these myths.

The emotions are integral to getting to know yourself on a much deeper, spiritual level. In fact, we would go so far as to say that your soul uses your emotions as a way of speaking to you. It’s your job to train yourself to carefully listen.

You must tap into this superpower of self-awareness.

The emotions that we all experience are actually a way the universe can guide us. So it’s important to fully experience each emotion so that you can be guided to where you’re actually supposed to be going.

This is how you tap into your intuition.

Yes, you are going to feel angry sometimes. Yes, you will also feel disappointed sometimes. Yes, it’s good and even encouraged to feel sad sometimes. Yes, it’s amazing to feel passionately curious, too!

These are all valid emotions that provide proof and guidance as to where your soul would like you to go, and where your soul definitely does not want you to go. Follow along with your emotions to draw the life you deserve into your reality.

When something makes you uneasy, that is your soul speaking to you, warning you that maybe that isn’t the right path for you. When something makes you feel excited and full of energy, your soul is exclaiming, “YES!” and encouraging you to keep going on that path!

Honoring the emotions is a key step towards increasing your spiritual power and shining light on your soul’s path.

How To Combine Both Logic and Emotion to Manifest the Life You Deserve

As we mentioned above, we live in a realm that is dual in an infinite number of ways.

It’s important to recognize this so that you can take advantage of the tools that are around you, as well as the natural abilities that you already have within yourself.

Externally, astrology is one the oldest, most trusted tools that humanity has been able to use to understand the soul’s purpose.

Astrology starts by evaluating your Sun sign. The Sun sign is your personal zodiac sign that actually outlines your unique characteristics and even highlights your emotional triggers and pain points.

Next up is your Moon sign. Your Moon sign reflects your emotions, fears, longings and obsessions that are bubbling below the surface of your Sun sign-driven persona.

Not only can you learn to utilize this scientific tool that’s loaded with logic, but while exploring your personal astrology, you can also practice utilizing your emotions as your guide to freedom.

How does the information that’s being presented to you make you feel inside?

The answer is almost always reassured and empowered to manifest the life that your soul is really yearning to live.

You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish when you recognize and really acknowledge your dual nature.

The question is, are you finally ready to tap into both your logic and emotions?

Time is ticking away.

This is the rest of your life we are talking about here!

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