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Full Moon Ritual for Manifestation (Video Post)

Have you ever performed a full moon ritual for manifestation? In this video you will learn three powerful rituals to supercharge your manifestation mojo. Below you will find a transcription of the video. Before you hit play, close your eyes and take a moment to set your intentions. It’s also a good idea to light…

Manifest more of what you want with the power of full moon energy.

Have you ever performed a full moon ritual for manifestation? In this video you will learn three powerful rituals to supercharge your manifestation mojo.

Below you will find a transcription of the video.

Before you hit play, close your eyes and take a moment to set your intentions. It’s also a good idea to light a candle, or take a sip of moon water if some is already available. Now is a great time to grab a piece of paper as well, in case any full moon reflections occur to you that you would like to jot down.

When you feel that you are ready to release and lingering negative energy and absorb this wisdom, then begin. Let go of any prior knowledge of the moon that no longer serves you start the video.

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Your Moon Phase Ritual Begins Here

Many of us recognize the limitless energy of the moon, especially the energy of the full moon. Highly sensitive people notice the subtle changes in ourselves and in others that cycle with the moon.

It is known that the ocean tides are regulated by the power of the moon. It has even been said that werewolves transform on the night of the full moon. There are so many beliefs and practices that center around the full moon. It seems like a waste to not develop our own manifestation ritual around it.

We hope you enjoyed the video which covered three powerfully effective full moon rituals. You can begin harnessing the energetic manifestation power of the moon this very month.

Woman with dreadlocks holds glowing orb in her hands as she contemplates her full moon ritual for manifestation.
Ritualize your full moon celebration to maximize your manifestation power.

Transcription: Many beliefs teach that the cycling of the moon is both sacred and powerful. It controls the tide and affects human emotion. It has even been said to affect mythical creatures such as the werewolf. With so many cultures and creeds, from science to magic to religion, taking note of the moon’s undulations, it is hard to believe that the moon’s cycling is nothing more a trick of light or a gravitational pull.

So knowing this, how do we go about harnessing the power of the full moon? The best way to do this is by creating a ritual for manifestation that centers around the full moon itself.

The Power of Intention in Full Moon Rituals for Manifestation

The key to creating such a ritual is based in intention. There are many modalities of ritual you may choose from, and we will offer you some suggestions in a little bit. But, no matter which one or ones you choose, your results will be based on the intention(s) that you set and focus on while performing the ritual you develop to suit yourself.

Now, as we begin to transition into a few suggestions for ritual development, we will begin by choosing the intentions we will set for the duration of our ritual.

Right now we are focusing on manifestation, so ask yourself what you would like to manifest. Is it prosperity? Health? Or, strong and fulfilling relationships?

Perhaps its solving a problem in your life that you are currently facing and have not been able to work out thus far. Maybe it’s learning to love yourself once and for all.

Whatever your intention may be, please take a moment now to formulate it, being sure to cultivate the most powerful and descriptive words you can come up with that match your desires precisely. Once you have it, write it down and keep it somewhere visible. Also, keep it at the forefront of your mind so that it will be easy to come back to it.

Next, choose your element. Will it be water? Fire? Earth? Or something else?

You may choose any aspect that speaks to you, but for now we will focus on these three: water, fire, and earth.

Three Full Moon Rituals for Manifestation


The best rituals are simple, so we will keep things easy and pure for these next three examples.

All you will need for this one is a glass cup, some water, and light from the full moon. Find a glass that speaks to you, may it be your favorite drinking cup, a mason jar, or a vase, etc. Let your intuition guide you and don’t be afraid to get creative.

Next, fill it up with the purest water you can find, and set it out in the moonlight to bask overnight and soak up those powerful lunar energies. Recite your intention over it at least three times so that your desires are clear.

In the morning, bring your glass inside and consider options for using your moonlight infused liquid. You might want to sip on it daily while remembering your intention. You can also bathe your crystals in it, or add a few drops of essential oil and use it as a refreshing facial spray. There are no wrong ways to do this, as long as you do what feels right.


For this fire ritual, you will need a source of flame, a candle, strips of paper, and a writing utensil. Once you’ve gathered your materials, find a comfortable place to sit outside in the light of the full moon. Ignite your candle and begin by writing your carefully formulated intention on your first slip of paper.

Then, light a corner of it aflame, and allow it to burn up. As the smoke wafts towards the heavens, release anything that you are holding onto that is heavy or burdensome. Just let it all go, making room for the goodness of your intention to fill you back up.

Continue to write and burn any other hopes, desires, or wishes you may have until you feel full of powerful positive energy and ready to take on the next month.


For this last suggested ritual, you will need a few objects that represent that which you would like to be rid of, a small shovel or spade, and a patch of earth. A slip of paper inscribed with your greatest intention is also a lovely addition to this ritual.

Once you have gathered your materials, find a piece of ground that is flooded with moonlight. Dig a small hole, and lovingly fill it with your objects and intentions, reciting these words as you dig. Cover it all up again with soil, and remain at the site meditating on your wishes for as long as you like.

You now have all of the information you need to perform your very own full moon ritual for manifestation. So do not hesitate to begin. If you are not already aware, find out now when the next full moon will rise. Create your plan, gather your materials, and let the power of the monthly lunar cycle supercharge your manifestation ritual.

Thanks for watching.

We hope this video inspired you to create a full moon ritual for manifestation of your very own. Please share with us what you thought in the comments section below. We love hearing your feedback.

Also, remember to like and share this video article. Many more people may benefit from this information about creating a full moon ritual for manifestation.

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