Making Friends After College

3 Expert Tips for Making Friends After College

Life changes after the age of 25. Making friends after college takes a backseat to our new responsibilities.

Making Friends After College
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We start feeling the stress of having less time in the day. We have a tendency to become so focused on achieving our goals that rarely include building strong friendships.

Friends are what makes life worth living. In fact, it’s been suggested that having
close friendships means you’re less like to experience heart disease or other
serious health problems as you age.

Friendships are important to living a long and happy life.

Making Friends After College Does Not Need to be Hard

With so much positive benefit from having solid friendships, how can we go
about making friends after college? Especially when we no longer have the time
and energy to make friends like we used to?

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Meet up Regularly

Friendship only comes when you spend time with people regularly. If you’re trying to socialize by joining a group or hanging out with your coworkers after work, you need to be consistent about it.

It’s important to realize that just going once isn’t going to cut it. You need to become a familiar face. Eventually, you’ll develop deep connections with one or more people of the group.

Making Friends as an Adult
Get Out There and Get Vulnerable

Share Your Experiences

If you don’t chime in on the conversation, no one has a chance to get to know you. Share the details of your life. but be sure to be casual about it.

Slip in details about your vacation last year if the conversation turns to interesting travel destinations.

Mention something funny your cat did when you got home from work. The idea here is to let people have a glimpse of your life, without hogging the conversation.

Once you’re done sharing, ask someone a question to keep the conversation going.

It's Perfectly Okay to Feel Nervous
It’s OK to Feel Nervous

Start Up The Conversation

It’s a sure fire way NOT to make new friends if you’re hiding in a corner. The
next time you’re in a group of people, be the one to start the conversation.

Say hello. Ask a question. Get the conversational ball rolling.

You’ll be amazed at how grateful people are when you start up the conversation.

Sometimes people hang back out of fear of rejection but are actually looking for an excuse to chat.

As an added benefit, you’ll become more attractive to the other people around you, for being
the one bold enough to make the first move.

Making friends can seem like hard work initially, but really it’s just about being authentic and willing to communicate with those around you.

By jumping in, you show the world you’re someone worth knowing.

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