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Empaths and Electronics

Empaths and electronics have a love-hate relationship with each other. Their complex interactions go both ways. Empaths are able to affect electronics (often by frying them), and electronics are able to affect empaths (often by frying them).

Egg being fried, just like empaths and electronics do to each other.
Who’s frying who?

All joking aside, let’s explore what I mean about this love/hate affair between empaths and electronics.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that everything is made of energy which vibrates at various frequencies. These frequencies create electromagnetic fields that most people cannot even detect.

But throw empaths into the mix, and things change.

Empaths and Electronics Affect Each Other in Two Main Ways

The first is through the empath’s powerful energy force, which sometimes destroys electronic components. Some empaths struggle to maintain a working phone or laptop because the energy field they emit is so strong. Their devices can’t handle it and simply give out.

There have also been reports of increased electric shocks for empaths. Regular people get shocked when they shuffle their socked feet on the carpet and touch a door knob, while empaths can be shocked for no apparent reason at all. It is most uncomfortable and disruptive, as they often get shocked seemingly out of nowhere.

Lightning striking a city the way electronics shock empaths.
Being an empath can be a rather shocking experience.

The second way that empaths and electronics interact is in reverse: through electronics affecting empaths. Specifically, through a phenomenon known as electronic hypersensitivity.

Electronic hypersensitivity causes many empaths to experience a wide range of symptoms when they are exposed to electromagnetic fields (or EMFs). EMFs can be found anywhere electronic components are active.

From flying on an airplane, to watching television in their living room, empaths must be aware of the progressive signs of electronic hypersensitivity. These increase the longer they are in range of these devices’ EMFs.

Some empaths have reported that these symptoms manifest physically as pressure in the skull, a burning sensation on the brain, or fatigue.

But EMFs can also affect empaths mentally and emotionally, causing anxiety, restlessness, and stress.

There is Hope

The first thing an empath who is struggling with electronic hypersensitivity can do is reduce the occurrences of EMFs in their home. Be sure to minimize any devices with screens or batteries as much as possible. Remember to turn off and unplug any unnecessary appliances. Opt for speaker phone to avoid holding the telephone’s handset up to your head.

Unplugged red extension cord on white background.
We could all use a little more unplugged time.

As far as empathic energy that overwhelms electronic devices goes, empaths can try to neutralize their external energy field by closely monitoring what they eat and drink. Carefully choosing what sorts of fabrics and materials they wear on their bodies can be beneficial also.

We are all different, and that goes for those of us with exceptionally active energetic fields as well. Being aware of these occurrences may help you discover how to better handle them in your life.

Let us know how it goes. We’d love to hear from you!

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