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Don’t Mess with an Empath: 9 Reasons Why

There are many reasons to never mess with someone who has an empathic gift. They are able to understand emotions and energy so easily that knowing some of the top triggers for empaths, and how to avoid them, will help you navigate any relationship with an empathetic soul.

But here are the top 9 ways to avoid conflict with empaths:

An intuitive empath can pick up on subtle things that most people miss.

These tips and techniques will help you get along with the empaths in your life.

The Top 9 Reasons to Never Mess With an Empath

1. Empaths and Lies: They can tell when someone isn’t being truthful.

Not only can empaths catch straight forward lies with ease, they also know when someone isn’t being truthful. Lying by omission, exaggeration, or by general dishonesty will not get past them. Their special talent will reveal to them any mistruths, and they will often call people out on their falsehoods, too.

2. They can sense intentions.

Pretending to be a good person will never gain any points with an empath. Empaths know what people are really up to, even when they themselves believe that their intentions are good. People lie to themselves about their intentions all the time, but an empath who has a good understanding of their gift will see right through it.

3. Empaths can read your true emotions.

When an empath asks how someone is doing, and you reply, “Fine,” they will immediately know if that person isn’t. Putting on a brave face has no place in the empath experience. By definition, empaths are very good at picking up on whatever anyone else may be feeling.

So embrace the positive aspects of life with this supportive person and tell them the truth about what’s going on inside you. Empaths know when others are feeling their worst. Perhaps they can serve as a supportive and positive guide to get your through a rough patch in life.

Always seeing the truth is one of the struggles of being an empath, but it can also be one of the joys.

People with Empathic Gifts get to See the World through Ultra Sensitive Eyes.

4. Negativity cannot be hidden from an empath.

Empaths are so sensitive to energies that they can immediately see any negativity present in someone’s aura. And it’s hard for them to ignore because negatively charged energy is extremely uncomfortable for empaths. This sensitivity is one of the more challenging aspects of this special kind of person. As an empath gets in touch with and understands themselves better, they are less likely to stick around people who can only see the negatives in life.

5. They know when someone’s lying to themselves.

We can all lie to ourselves about things sometimes. It’s challenging to always be honest with ourselves! This is why having an empathic friend is a really valuable thing. They will be able to see the bigger picture of someone’s life in an uncanny way.

And they can then use their talent to get in touch with what’s really going on, and help them to see things more clearly.

6. Empaths rarely reveal all that they know about a situation.

Empaths often know more about a situation than they let on. They tend to play their hand close to their chest, because getting vulnerable is a very risky thing for an empath. They are able to zoom out and realize the truth from their widened perspective, and will use that information as they see fit. If you’ve noticed that your friends tend to be insightful and strategic in complex situations, then you most likely know some empaths.

Empaths who know how to work with others can lead an empowered life.

Empaths Learn to Lead Others into Living Better Lives

7. They are highly sensitive to sarcasm.

Sarcasm is defined as the use of irony to mock or show contempt. It’s humor that can be used to degrade or demean someone else. People who are discovering their empath abilities will notice themselves becoming more and more averse to this kind of comedy. Empaths are so sensitive to the effect that sarcasm has on whatever it is directed at, that it loses all of its humor for them.

8. Prejudices are obvious to them.

As hard as we may try to be tolerant and open-minded, we all have biases that color our experience of the world. Rather than hiding these warped ideas, sharing them with an empathic friend can help you get free of them. Empathic people know everyone has them, and their fresh point of view may offer insights on how to approach any shameful emotions and tips on how to change your mind about the beliefs that cause them.

An Empath is a Person of Real Feeling

Careful listening is an empathic practice.

9. Empaths have limited patience for selfish motives.

Most people are turned off by selfishness, but it is especially distasteful to empaths. On the other hand, efforts toward selflessness and helping others are much appreciated by empathic people. Acts like these can go a long way with empathic friends and loved ones.

Being in a relationship with an empath can be tricky, but it is also extremely rewarding. Taking special care to not mess with an empath’s emotional balance can make getting along much easier. Now that you have a better understanding of how to avoid upsetting the empaths around you, your relationships with anyone from the empathic community can be smooth and mutually beneficial.

Did you agree or disagree with anything in this article? Please share your experience and expertise with the empaths in your life in the comment section below. We love to hear from you!

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