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Do Old Souls Have Harder Lives?

Have you wondered if old souls have harder lives?

Before we dive into this question, let’s take a look at what an old soul is, and who might be one.

Young woman ponders if old souls have harder lives.
Being and Old Soul is quite a gift.

Old souls believe that they have lived many different lives prior to this one. Although they may not remember the details of these lives, they still carry with them the weight and wisdom of experience. This can be both a blessing and a curse.

People who are considered to be old souls are often wise beyond their years, and think a bit differently than others in their peer group.

Emotional stability and mental maturity also rank high on the list of qualities of an old soul.

If this info is resonating with so far, and you feel that this describes you and your life, you may be an old soul.

So, do old souls have harder lives? The answer is both yes and no.

Yes, Old Souls Have Harder Lives

People that are old souls tend to be very empathic. They feel others’ emotions very deeply, and often feel other people’s pain as if it were their own. This can be very tiring for them.

They often come off as introverted because they make rest a priority by taking a break from being around other people. They have learned the importance of rejuvenating themselves mind, body, and soul, before interacting again with emotional people.

Looking out of your tent as the sun sets behind a mountain is great self care.
Peace and relaxation are requirements.

Old souls can feel isolated and excluded because they almost always see the world differently than most. This can lead to feelings of being misunderstood and like an outsider.

This is due to the at least partial disconnection to the material plane that most old souls experience. They know that the reality that most people experience is temporary, and thus do not place too much importance on it.

But They Also Don’t

Once an old soul comes to terms with the differences from others that they experience in everyday life, being one can transform into a huge blessing.

For example, old souls:

  • Are not materialistic
  • Seek knowledge and growth
  • Listen to their intuition
  • Are great listeners

Old souls also value self care and positive energy. The therefore can attract and manifest wonderful people and experiences into their lives.

Woman dances among ancient ruins at sunset.
The world is full of wonderful people and experiences. Don’t miss them.

So, if you suspect or know that you are an old soul, don’t despair. Seek out others with your similar experience, and learn to make the most out of your precious and unique gift. You are not alone, and have so much to offer the world. Humanity is better off with the gift of people like you.

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