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Do Empaths Like to be Touched?

Many empaths like to be touched, while many others do not.

Woman with purple hair and manicure lovingly touches the face of her partner.  This empath likes to be touched.
Touch: the favorite sense of many.

Humans are social animals, and the sense of touch is one of the more important senses for many of us.

Touch allows us to exchange affection when we cannot find the right words, or when words alone do not seem sufficient. It is a go to way that we express intimacy, and touch allows us to feel deeply loved.

But sometimes, non-empaths appreciate being touched more than empaths do.

Empaths experience the world differently. An increased sensitivity to the highly charged energy of touch can cause empaths to react in many different ways.

Red, heart-shaped neon sign in front of model's chest.
Some empaths love being touched. Some do not.

An important part of this is, of course, the responsibility of the empath themselves to satisfy their own needs through self care. It is rare that someone, even another empath, can decode and understand the needs of another and meet all of them singlehandedly.

But that’s the unique thing about touch. In order for it to be particularly meaningful, it must come from others.

When people say that they do not like touch, it may be because they find that touch is unfulfilling or unnecessary for them.

This is often due to the fact that the person on the receiving end is so perfectionistic or insecure that they percercieve whatever touch they receive to be inadequate or not good enough.

This does not necessarily mean that these individuals do not like touch. What it could mean is that they are unable to experience touch appropriately due to their own hangups and shortcomings.

Do All Empaths Like to be Touched?

When an empath states that they do not like touch, it doesn’t mean this true for all empaths. It means that particular empath doesn’t like touch. This can be true for many reasons. Some of which, or none of which, have anything to do with being empathic.

This is an example of stereotyping, which is an age old problem for humanity.

Diverse hands forming a heart shape.
Every heart is different.

So, do empaths like to be touched? Some do. Some do not. The reasons why are as unique as the diversity found across all of the empaths among us.

As with anyone, be careful and go slowly. Get to know the person you are with. If they identify as an empath, take the time to find out what they like before engaging in too much touch. Regardless of how empathic someone is, this method will safely and respectfully reveal to you if your touch is welcome.

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