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Crystals for Manifesting Wealth and Success

There are many crystals for prosperity and abundance, but there are some that are more powerful abundance crystals than others.

So what are the very best crystals for abundance and manifestation?

This article covers how to use crystals to manifest whatever is missing from your current life by suggesting the stones that will get you the most powerful results.

How to Manifest Using Crystals

Pyrite for manifestation: How to use pyrite to attract wealth

It’s a fun fact that pyrite crystals became known as “Fool’s Gold” during the gold rush days because they were often passed off as fake gold. Pyrite may not have been very valuable back then, but today we know that pyrite is an emotionally charged element. And if it is harnessed correctly, it can be used as a money attraction crystal with hugely positive results.

Pyrite is as good as gold when using gratitude to manifest your dream life.

Pyrite’s energy thrives on gratitude, making it one of the best crystals for success. Meditate with this crystal to create a attitude of thankfulness in everything you do. Gratitude alone can do so much for changing your outlook and results in life.

Focusing on gratitude during meditation to charge up your pyrite crystal and make it work like a gratitude battery. Carry this crystal in your pocket and whenever you touch it, you will get a boost of gratitude. That swelling of positive emotion for the world around you and for the good things that are already on their way to you from the universe will put you in the right mindset to attract life changing abundance.

How to Manifest with Citrine

Citrine is one of the most well-known crystals for abundance and prosperity. It works on your solar plexus chakra (and also your heart chakra), helping to release blockages that are preventing the free flow of abundance into your life.

Citrine is one of the best crystals to keep in your workspace because it will channel profitable ideas your way. It will also support your efforts toward financial abundance throughout the day. As citrine is one of the most powerful crystals to attract money with, keeping it near your desk can help manifest whatever you need to reach your next goal.

Amethyst Manifestation

While amethyst isn’t one of the best manifestation crystals, in an indirect way it is still one of the best crystals for manifesting money. It is mainly used as for developing deeper spiritual connections, and more importantly for us, tapping in to higher guidance. Use this crystal to seek Divine Guidance by specifically asking the Universe to guide you towards opportunities. Also, remember to ask for the clarity to recognize them as gifts of abundance from the universe when they appear.

Use amethyst to see the opportunities for wealth around you.

How to Manifest with Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is not specifically a money crystal. But, it is even better because it can be used to manifest ANYTHING that you heart desires. Clear quartz crystals are a great choice if you are just starting to accumulate a collection of crystals.

It can be used as a money stone, of course. But it can also be featured as a stone for good luck within your crystal grid. People also have great success manifesting love with it. So weather you focus on love, luck or money, clear quartz can be used to attract wealth and abundance in any area.

How to Manifest with Tiger’s Eye

This crystal is very helpful when learning new things. It can be used by any student trying to get better grades, including those acquiring skills for reaching financial success. It can be used alongside rose quartz or green jade (or any other green stone) to produce wisdom and knowledge. Thus causing your network to expand, and bringing along more opportunities to create the life you dream of.

Green Aventurine Manifestation

Another of the green stones that pack a powerful punch as a money stone is Green Aventurine. Combine it other green items that you could bring into a meditation practice to multiply your results. Anything green will contribute to the power of your abundance meditation. The emerald shade of these aventurine stones makes them ideal for creating wealth and abundance.

It’s also great to carry them with you near your wallet or in your purse. Keep some aventurine close to wherever your money and wealth is. Some report great success placing this stone in their jewelry boxes, to help attract abundance into their stores of wealth.

Green crystals are powerful wealth attracters.

Black Obsidian for Manifestation

Black Obsidian is one of the MOST important crystals for money attraction. It is a healing crystal that will help to banish any toxic emotions or energy from your life. This is what makes it so powerful when trying to create an abundant future.

The very best manifestations come from a pure place. Using black obsidian to clear away lingering painful memories can free you of emotional bondage keeping you shackled in scarcity.

Think of black obsidian as a crystal for freedom. Freedom from a painful past. Freedom to create and enjoy an abundant future.

Putting together a collection of crystals for wealth attraction is a great tool for creating the life you truly deserve. Start with these 7, and then watch out for future articles that will cover many other uses for crystals.

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