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Crown Chakra Affirmations

Do you need some extra powerful crown chakra affirmations so that you can better connect with the divine?

The crown chakra is your energetic center from the divine.

Well, look no further. We are wrapping up our series on chakra affirmations in a big way with 15 crown charka affirmations that are specifically designed to rocket your affirmations practice into the next dimension.

But first, let’s discuss a few things about the crown chakra itself.

The crown chakra, or sahasrara in Sanskrit, floats slightly above the top of your head, and radiates energy out into the cosmos on your behalf. It is your portal to experiencing transcendent guidance that will illuminate your path in a completely new way. When you direct authentic energy through your crown chakra, the universe responds. You will have a strong sense of knowing your purpose and owning your place in this world.

Opening the crown chakra strengthens your connection to your divine source, giving you crystal clear intuition and a strong sense of presence and belonging. You will have no time to feel insecurity or worry, because you will be so firmly tuned into what’s really going on.

Improving your connection with the crown chakra will also give you access to reserves of energy that will allow you to get more done, and with greater confidence, than you ever thought possible.

The crown chakra is your portal for connection to the divine.

And what better way is there to do this than with affirmations?

Below you will fine the closing set of affirmations for our chakra healing series. We hope you’ve enjoyed these articles, and that they’ve truly improved your life. Please tell us about the changes you’ve observed since starting your chakra affirmations practice in the comments section at the end of the article.

Crown Chakra Affirmations for Connection With the Divine

Divine intuition constantly guides me.
The well being of all living things is important to me.
Loving energy streams into me from the universe through the crown of my head.
My soul’s purpose is constantly being fulfilled wherever I am.
The frequency of energetic awareness resonates within me.
The sacred light in me recognizes the sacred light in all other beings.
Spiritual insight comes to me whenever I need it.
Inspiration is found all around me.
I accept this beautiful world as it is.
I exist in the present moment.
Spiritual truth is undeniable to me.
Understanding comes easily to me.
I know that all is well.
Grace smiles upon me.
I am at one with the universe.

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