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Why Close Minded People Cannot Succeed

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Have you ever noticed that close minded people seem unable to succeed, no matter how hard they try? There are some very specific reason this is true. And these reasons highlight the importance of being open minded for maximum effectiveness in life.

Opening your mind to the ideas of others is an extremely useful and worthwhile skill to develop. You see, the hard truth is that oftentimes, other people’s ideas are better than our own. This is especially true in areas that we struggle.

Sometimes the brightest ideas come from others.

If you are struggling in a certain area, and cannot seem to make any progress no matter how hard you try, then it may be time for a fresh perspective.

The thing is that there is no need to toil and struggle by ourselves in an effort to reach our goals. This often does not work, and it is terribly exhausting. The good news is, you don’t even have to ask for help.

That’s right! With this social ninja trick, you can get the answers you need without ever admitting your difficulties.

What Close Minded People Miss

All you have to do is find someone who has already done what you are trying to do.

This is a requirement in order for this trick to work. So if you’re trying to cure cancer or develop intergalactic space travel, you may be on your own.

But, the vast majority of the time, we endeavor to achieve things that have been done before. And that’s ok. We are only competing with who we were yesterday.

Ask someone who’s already figured it out.

So here’s the trick: ask them how they did it. No need for an explanation of where you’re getting stuck. You don’t have to admit that you having difficulty at all. People love to talk about themselves. Especially when the topic is their own success story.

Now if later on in your conversation or correspondence you feel comfortable and that it would be helpful to disclose what you are going through, have at it. But it is not a requirement.

Find someone’s brain to pick. And then open up your ears. Take notes! And most importantly, do what they tell you worked for them.

Being open minded enough to learn from others is the key to breaking through progress plateaus, or even learning where to start.

We have so much to offer one another.

Being Open Minded is Important

Learning from the experience of others can be extremely helpful, and is a totally missed opportunity by close minded people.

So don’t be like closed minded people. Be teachable and willing to learn from others who have succeeded before you, and you will find that you are able to advance on your journey by leaps and bounds once you get an experienced person’s perspective.

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Let us know what you find out from those who have gone before you in the comments section below. We love hearing from you!

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