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Catherine Has Covid-19 & Amazing Spiritual Work

This blog post is about the amazing spiritual work you may choose to do when you are faced with an extremely challenging situation.

Doing some amazing spiritual work will relieve your pain & suffering.
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So as many of you know, my fiancĂ©, Catherine, works at the local hospital. She has been going into both suspected and confirmed Covid-19 patients’ rooms daily since this whole thing started.

She was confirmed positive with Covid-19 on 7/28/20.

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I’m so proud of her for all of the work she’s done at the hospital up until this time.

While most of us were sitting there worrying about a mask. Or worrying about something that happened 200 years ago. Or watching individuals shift responsibility by trying to explain how everyone else is biased and prejudicial (but not them of course, they’re one of the good ones… *eye roll*).

Catherine was going to the front lines each day and doing her duty as a healthcare professional.

Working at the hospital during a pandemic is tough, but having done some amazing spiritual work sure helps.
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She didn’t complain and whine about how hard everything was for her.

She didn’t make up a laundry list of reasons why it was “Someone else’s responsibility.”

She didn’t point her fingers and get mad at everyone else because things weren’t going the way she wanted them to.

And man, did she have every right to. But, she’s been putting in some amazing spiritual work lately, and it really shows.

You think the “I have no idea what’s going on..” thing is bad on Facebook?

It’s equally bad coming from the medical community with standards that change daily, and with no consistent answers anywhere.

While everyone was upset about George Floyd’s murder, or systemic racism, or statues, or coin shortages, or whatever other convenient topic (placed there by the media) there was for us to be angry at each other about (murder hornets), she was at the hospital.

While we were sitting at home complaining about the weather, and about sports (or lack thereof), she was literally risking her life at work to help care for those that were sick.

At the beginning of this thing, the amazing spiritual work she’d been doing really shined through.

She made a choice not to live in fear until there was really something to be afraid of.

She looked around and realized that in that very moment, everything was okay. She stood on her faith in God’s good plan.

And look! She got sick anyway. But she didn’t spend the last 4 months in terror. She got up every morning and went to work and didn’t waste her energy on fear, choosing to make herself useful instead.

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The Media Has Not Done Any Amazing Spiritual Work

So, I have been bashing the media and their B.S. fear campaign since the beginning of this “pandemic..”

And I haven’t really changed my tune either. I still think that the amount of psychological damage that has been inflicted during this time FAR outweighs the benefits of keeping people in fear so that they stay home and wear their masks.

However, the environment created by the terror surrounding this pandemic is a huge opportunity to practice radical acceptance.

We are grateful that we are no longer tied into every news headline, and that the perpetual state of fear that used to drive us through life is no longer our main motivation to show up each day.

The amazing spiritual work we’ve done is paying off, and we’re just chilling here at home.

We still don’t have very many answers.

Work supervisors say one thing…

The Department of Public Health says another…

I will probably be over the illness myself by the time my test results even comes back.

And you know what?

I’m totally OK with that.

In life, these things happen. God will take care of it, and life will go on.

We notified the people we had been in contact with, as requested by Public Health, and one individual panicked, asking a million questions, and becoming very upset (mind you, they weren’t even the one that was sick).

Another individual said “cool,” and sent me a picture of himself at church with another one of our good friends.

That’s the difference between living in fear, and not living in fear. That’s the difference between having done amazing spiritual work, and not having done amazing spiritual work.

I trusted God before she got sick (and most likely I got sick as well).

And I trust Him now too.

I refuse to panic or get myself worked up over so many different opinions formed by people who were also scared when they came up with them.

Trusting God

I often see questions presented in my news feed regarding trusting God versus living in fear. The question is typically phrased as “I am a firm believer in God (or Jesus, etc.), and I trust him with all of my heart, and I don’t understand why I’m still so afraid.”

So I’m going to be blunt.

It’s because you don’t actually trust God. At least, not completely.

When you actually trust God and his plan for your life, you aren’t worried about dying anymore. You are above that fear.

I hate to be polarized, but I see two major classes of Christians. There is the “salvation” group and the “deliverance” group.

The salvation group is primarily concerned with what happens when we die, and they are very scared of approaching their own death. They hold tightly to books like Revelations, and all the verses that promise us an afterlife with Jesus.

They are fearful of what will happen after death, so they try hard to “get into heaven.”

There is also a much smaller group, which is focused on “Deliverance.”

They seek deliverance from pain and suffering while here on earth. This is totally possible if you just do what it says in Matthew 5-7. You must also stop lying to yourself about being a great person, because if you are still suffering, there is still amazing spiritual work to be done.

But, because we want to be a “Good Christian,” we lie to ourselves about it, and we defend our faith in God, saying that we trust Him, and asking, “Who do you think you are to question my faith? Didn’t you see how many homeless people I fed today? I go to church every Sunday, and I always put my 10% in the basket.”

Well, many people can clearly see that you don’t actually trust God.

Having faith alleviates suffering.
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Get honest about it, and ask Him to change it. This will solve the problem by default.

But, if you continue walking around lying to yourself about what a great Christian you are, and how strong your faith is, you will stay in absolute denial and never understand the real deliverance you can achieve through the strength in His name.

So, go do what it says in Matthew 5-7.

And if you are suffering.

You aren’t doing what it says to do in Matthew 5-7.

End of story.

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