Become Calm Without Meditating: 6 New Practices

Have you ever wanted to become calm without meditating?

We’ve all heard a lot about how great meditating is.  Words like “mindful” and “calm” have become the aspirations of many, but in reality, meditation is not for everyone.

If you’re a person that finds sitting meditation to be difficult, here are some new ways to become calm without meditating: 

1. Get Comfortable with your Thoughts 

Getting comfortable with your thoughts will help you become calm without meditating.
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Allow yourself to have whatever thoughts come up, rather than trying to control or eliminate them.

The aim is to observe them without judgment. Remind yourself that they are just thoughts, and that they are not necessarily true.

Then, let them go just as easily as they came.

2. Live by a Mantra to Become Calm Without Meditating

Come up with a slogan that helps you become calm without meditating.

Any phrase that connects you with yourself and grounds you into the present moment will be effective.

Think of a quote or proverb that has really stuck with you, or make one up of your own.

Try to pick something that applies to your life.  Perhaps it could be, “Change is the only constant” or, “You are not your thoughts.”  

Get creative, and then focus on your mantra any time you need to feel more calm.

3. Breathe Without Trying 

There are many breathing exercises out there that suggest we count and/or hold our breath.  

However, many people find this uncomfortable.

Alternatively, try to just listen to your breath and silently observe it.  Let it stay in its natural rhythm, and become exquisitely conscious of it.

Breathing freely will help you become calm without meditating.
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This will help you become calm without meditating.

4. Be Thankful to Become Calm Without Meditating

Focusing on gratitude is another practice that can help you become calm without meditating.

And, it’s an easy one to do!

At some point in your day, take a moment to think about the things you’re grateful for.

Did you have a delicious lunch?  Are you satisfied with your family life?  Did you receive a compliment today?

Try listing off as many as you can, and you will automatically begin to feel calmer.  

5. Smile

It’s impossible to feel sad when your face is smiling. 

Try it right now! 

Intentionally smiling will help you become calm without meditating.
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A simple smile connects you to the present moment, and can serve as a powerful dose of pause during which you can shift your focus to something that makes you feel happy. 

Use the intentional smile as a tool to redirect your thinking to something that helps you become calm.

6. Go for a Walk 

Taking a walk will help you become calm without meditating.
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Walks help us clear our minds and give us a change of scenery.

 Make an effort to get outside daily.

A brisk walk can be extremely refreshing and recentering, especially if you put away the earbuds and the cell phone and allow yourself to just be.  

Adding any of these practices to your life will benefit you immensely.

The calmer we are, the better we are at making decisions and coming up with fresh ideas.

Try incorporating these one at a time, and you’ll be building calm into your lifestyle for good.  And the best part is —no meditation required.

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