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Aurora’s Manifestation Breakthrough [Video Post]

Have you been struggling with manifestation lately? I’ve definitely been there. It seemed like no matter how hard I tried to will my dreams to come true, the universe had other plans. Well, when I finally got sick and tired of not getting what I wanted, I embarked on a journey to find something that…

Have you been struggling with manifestation lately? I’ve definitely been there. It seemed like no matter how hard I tried to will my dreams to come true, the universe had other plans. Well, when I finally got sick and tired of not getting what I wanted, I embarked on a journey to find something that would give me the results I desperately needed.

In the video below, I outline my adventure, and share with you the exact secret that I discovered along the way that permanently changed my life for the better.

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The Answer is out there. And Aurora found it here.

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Video Transcription:

My life was in a dark place. I was doing everything I knew how to do to conjure up happiness into my day to day experience, and I was getting no where. My relationship was on the rocks, my kids were out of control, and my home was a disaster. That’s not even to mention how stagnant my career had become. I was going nowhere. In fact, I felt like my efforts were moving me backwards instead of forwards. Things seemed to only be getting worse.

Soul Manifestation Graphic

Finally, I hit a breaking point. I could not go on like that any longer. I decided to reorganize my life in a way that would prioritize a mission that I felt was vital to my survival. I needed answers, and I was going to get some, no matter what it took.

So, I lowered my standards for cooking and cleaning. Precooked chicken breast strips from a bag fed my family just as well as when I made everything from scratch. I required my kids to help me more around the house, and I began letting go. A little dust never killed anyone. As long as everything was sanitary and tummies were full, I gave myself permission to pursue the answers I so desperately craved. I knew they were out there, but I had no idea where to look.

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anonymous woman walking in cold field
Every journey begins with the first step.

But I was determined. So, I just began. I opened a web browser and typed in “spiritual help.” Thankfully, there are many resources out there that covered this topic. There were blog posts, scientific articles, and systems that promised real change. I tried them all.

I was willing to do whatever it took to get some relief. I tried countless methods for manifesting the things that I wanted most, until one day, I suddenly noticed that things had changed!

Soul Manifestation Graphic

I had gradually begun noticing that things around the house were improving. My kids seemed happier. I got a small raise at work. And my husband seemed much more appreciative than ever of all the things I do.

By this time, I had gone cross-eyed with all of the things I had tried, to seemingly no avail. Luckily, I had kept a detailed notebook of my research. So, when results began appearing, I was able to look back at what I was studying around the same time that these changes started taking place.

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silhouette of man during nighttime
Aurora found her answer in a place she had never before thought to look.

And surprisingly to me, my notes pointed to astrological soul readings.

Now, I knew only a little bit about astrology at that point. I had always been drawn to the stars, and I enjoyed gazing up at them for hours on warm summer nights. But the study of astrology seemed like mostly mumbo-jumbo to me.

Soul Manifestation Graphic

But, the results were undeniable. So I decided to take another look.

Around the time that I had started looking into astrological soul readings, I had known that I was nearing the end of this project. I hadn’t figured anything out yet, and my low maintenance home management plan was not sustainable forever.

I remembered that I had made myself a promise. I swore that I would give whatever I discovered during these last few weeks of searching a real chance. I would take whatever came up seriously, and I would believe that change was really possible.

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And guess what? It worked. I was not going down without a fight, and I truly believe that my willingness (or desperation) to try anything propelled me straight into my ultimate answer.

yes signage on brown wooden chalkboard
All she had to do was say yes to the answer that appeared in front of her.

I had no idea what my future would look like. I never had. And now, the uncertainty was at an all time high. I didn’t have a clue how much this “not knowing” was affecting me.

So when I found a tool that cleared up a lot of my doubt and worry, I also found freedom. I was finally able to stop fretting and preparing for worst case scenarios. Having an idea of what the future held for me and my family gave me the peace I so desperately sought.

Soul Manifestation Graphic

One source of readings in particular, Soul Manifestation, gave me tremendous relief. Their simple reading, which was based on my name and birthday, really cleared things up for me. I finally knew what to focus my energy on, and what to let go of because it was going to work itself out on its own.

I especially enjoyed my light reading because it illuminated my true soul path. Armed with this knowledge, I was able to completely change my perspective on life. I had broken free from the fear and dread that held me captive, and I was finally able to devote myself fully to the things that mattered most (because my Soul Manifestation Reading pointed out to me what those were!).

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I had wasted so much time and energy on trying to control things that didn’t really even matter. The clarity that I gained from my reading allowed me to reorganize my life, and things have never been the same.

Today, I am able to get everything that I need to get done in record time with energy to spare. There always seems to be more than enough money, and my health (and my family’s) is the best it’s ever been.

woman standing near old stone wall with carved images
Aurora’s ultimate discovery unlocked the life she truly wanted to live.

And the best part is, the discovering Soul Manifestation was the hard part. Knowing the contents of my reading has made everything else easy!

It’s obvious why life was so hard for me before I found this priceless gift of knowledge. I’m never going back to the way things were, and I want you to know that you don’t have to live like that any longer either.

Soul Manifestation Graphic

So do yourself a favor, click here to uncover the information you need to morph your life into the one you’ve always dreamed of.

I promise you’ll be glad you did.

Signing off,


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You can take control of your future:

Soul Manifestation Graphic
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