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Are Empaths Drawn to Each Other?

Do you think empaths are drawn to each other? Or maybe it seems more like they repel each other. Either way, the connection between an empath and another person, especially another empath, can be complex.

Are empaths drawn to each more than oil and water are?
Sometimes empaths mix about as well as oil and water.

The good news is that two empaths can indeed have a successful relationship. But, they must be deliberate about it.

They must learn to respect each other’s sensitivities. Both empaths are likely well-equipped to understand what the other is feeling, but they must put in extra effort around expressing their needs and setting boundaries.

It is important that they each reserve alone time to relax and process whatever is going on in their daily life. Each empath must practice disciplined and effective self care strategies. Without this, things can get out of control quickly.

landscape sky water clouds Storm clouds can form when are empaths drawn to each other.
When two empaths form a relationship, watch out for stormy interactions.

When two empaths live together, a whirlwind of negative emotions can crop up quickly if they both are feeling overwhelmed. To make matter worse, the two empaths are very capable of feeding off of each other’s energy.

This kind of interaction is what draws empaths to each other. All of that energy can be rather thrilling. Sparks will fly initially, but what is left once the initial flare dies down?

A strong and deeply connected relationship may form if each partner has done their individual work.

A Healthy Relationship Can Exist When Two Empaths are Drawn to Each Other.

Everyone must do some personal development work in order to be able to have a healthy relationship.

For empaths, the individual work must center around emotional management and creating inner peace.

Without these key ingredients (which must be present at the beginning of the relationship) things can crash and burn quite spectacularly.

faceless firemen by building on fire
whenever are empaths drawn to each other, look out for sparks
Avoid infernos when dating another empath.

This leaves behind quite a bit of wreckage, because as we know, empaths feel things deeply and on a larger scale than most. Breakups can generate tremendous pain for anyone, but it can be exponentially worse for empaths.

Luckily, not all relationships between empaths fail. Love can happen anywhere, and sometimes it’s enough to motivate both parters to persevere.

So, prepare for all of the consequences, good or bad, if love between two empaths is what you’re after.

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