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Are Animals Drawn to Empaths?

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Animals are drawn to empaths, as well as many other spiritually awakened folks.

But the emotional intensity possessed by empaths is more potent for attracting animals than it is for other groups.

A canine companion will enhance any yoga session.

And, animals possess a healing energy that soothes empaths in return, creating a particularly beneficial relationship between them.

When empath and animals connect, a synergy of understanding materializes between them.

It’s as if the fact that animals cannot talk doesn’t matter at all. Empaths can feel an animal’s intentions and witness their goodness.

This witnessing comforts animals because they feel understood. And when an animal feels understood, it becomes much more trusting.

The bond that exists between empaths and their animal familiars is extremely unique.

Horses are known to be uncannily human like, which makes them effective therapy animals.

Other energetically sensitive people lack the ability to tap into an animal’s heart space.

They might believe that they know what an animal is feeling, but the symbiotic exchange that occurs when an empath communes with an animal is completely unique.

Dogs are the Animal Drawn to Empaths Most Often

You’ve probably heard that canines are man’s best friend, but did you know that empaths are dog’s best friend?

For centuries, we’ve bred dogs for traits that are pleasing to humans.

Generation after generation, breeders selected for qualities that they desired, and created offspring that are more likely to possess those characteristics.

This created animals with behaviors and personalities that humans like.

But sometimes, these personalities become neurotic. Dogs that are not loved and cared for properly, feel pain on a human level. Dogs are one of the only animals that does this.

So when a mistreated dog meets an empath, they become immediately excited and hopeful.

This guy is ready for an adventure with you.

Empaths have a knack for knowing what dogs need to feel whole again. And oftentimes, this healing of the dog heals the empath too.

So if you are an empath, treasure this aspect of your gift. Animals are drawn to empaths, and immense potential for love and understanding exists in empath-dog bonds.

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