Affirmations for Confidence (Printable)

If you’re looking for some affirmations for confidence that you can really use, look no further.

These printable cards feature some of my favorite affirmations. And they are super cute to boot.

print these affirmations for confidence cards and keep them with you

These affirmations for confidence were chosen from my own experience. These are the mantras that really worked for me. It means a lot to believe that I can do anything. That there is greatness inside of me. That I make good choices. And gratitude just makes everything better.

When I started to truly embody these ideas, my life permanently changed for the better. And the way I got them in there, really got them rooted in my heart and soul, was through repetition. And these cards are a fantastic tool for doing just that.

Print them out and keep them with you. Whenever you have a spare moment (like riding in an elevator or waiting in line, for example), pull them out and do a little practice with them.

woman walking towards open elevator doors with coffee cup in hand
Elevator rides are a great time to practice affirmations.

The more you repeat these affirmations, the more you will start really believing them about yourself. And once you believe them, you will notice that your levels of confidence and gratitude will soar.

Telling yourself these truths will dilute out the negative feelings you have about yourself. They are old and moldy and do not serve you. It’s time for something fresh and new.

So go ahead and imprint these affirmations for confidence onto the part of you that is who you truly are.

All it takes is practice, and with these cards, practicing this life-changing habit of changing your beliefs about yourself has never been more convenient.

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