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Achieve Positive Self Talk With these 8 Steps

Positive self talk has been shown to increase feelings of optimism and overall well-being. 

Numerous studies prove that positive self talk can lead to better physical health, more happiness, and more success in every aspect of your life.

Switching your brain over to a habit of positive self talk is a necessary step if you truly wish to reach your full potential.

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How can you train your brain to be positive in a world constantly skewed toward negativity?  

Follow these steps and you’ll be thinking more positively in no time.  

Be Here Now to Experience More Positive Self Talk

We worry about the future, and we carry regrets about the past.

Focusing on things outside of the present moment can lead to negative self talk.

We beat ourselves up for the perceived mistakes we’ve made in the past, and we try to predict the future.

This is a losing game, because we can never fix the past or change the future before it happens.

Engage in the moment by focusing on what is happening right in front of you. Engage in the moment by focusing on what is happening right in front of you. 

This is mindfulness.

Find Your Calm

It is important to refresh and renew yourself mentally every day. 

The constant stimuli of today’s world can be exhausting, and it is harder to think positively when your brain is scrambled. 

 Seek out a quiet spot to disengage and let go of negative thoughts.

Even try meditating.

Clearing out the junk with calming practices makes room for positive self talk to flow in and fill your mind.

Seek Out Spiritual Connection

Whatever your belief system, connecting to something greater than yourself has a way of centering you.

Engage in some kind of spiritual practice, be it prayer, meditation, being in nature, or connecting deeply with another person. 

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Anything that gives you feelings of hope or love will generate a positive response internally, creating the right environment for positive self talk to be generated.  

Practice Gratitude to Increase Your Level of Positive Self Talk

Remind yourself of all of the things you have in your life that you are thankful for. 

Listing these off keeps your perspective inline with reality. 

We have so much to be grateful for, and realizing this fact has been shown to improve mood and overall happiness, especially when expressing this gratitude to others.

So, create a ritual of writing a daily list of 5 things you are grateful for, and you will feel more positive overall. 

Do Random Acts of Kindness

Make it your mission to do one small thing for someone every day.

Doing something for another stimulates dopamine production in your brain, leaving you with long-lasting happy feelings. 

Find small ways to pay it forward, and you will be setting yourself up for feeling better about yourself and your life in general. 


There are few things more healing or positive than laughter. 

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Look for the humor in situations, and try to have deep belly laughs as often as you can. 

Seek out funny things, and don’t be afraid to let go enough to really surrender to the moment and enjoy the giggles.  

Change the Script by Writing in More Positive Self Talk

Still getting caught up in negative thoughts?

Listen to what you’re telling yourself,  and try to rephrase the thought more positively.

Challenge negative assumptions by checking the facts.

Ask yourself, “Do I really know that?”  “Is that really how it happened, or am I remembering the situation more negatively than it actually was?”

Look for solutions instead of presuming defeat, and believe that you can do it!


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Exercise stimulates the endorphin system in your brain to release feel-good chemicals. 

This boost can help you clear your mind and give you a more positive outlook.  

Utilize these opportunities to fill your head back up with positive beliefs and affirmations. 

This will set you up for feeling better after you’re done moving your body.  

As with the formation of any habit, don’t expect overnight success. Switching from a negative inner dialogue over to positive self talk is going to take some repetition.   

If you slip up, don’t get caught in a cycle of blame or despair. Instead, grasp the next positive thought and keep going.

Eventually, this optimistic outlook will become automatic

When you reach that point, rejoice! It’s here that you will find peace, contentment and joy in your life. 

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